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U-KISS – Forbidden Love February 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Forbidden Love
  2. Redial
  3. Every Day -Japanese Version- (First Press CD only)
  4. Forbidden Love (Instrumental)
  5. Redial (Instrumental)

1. Forbidden Love

Ahhh the second A-side from the up and coming K-pop group!  I knew this song wasn’t going to be as impressive or as awesome as “Tick Tack” was but this was a pretty good follow-up since it does carry their K-pop feel once again.  I’m happy to hear a little bit more from Kevin this time around which is good but there’s a lot of Soohyun as well.  Though I question their inclusion of a dubstep breakdown, I guess they’re just following the times and the dance was nice to it but without that…that part seemed rather dull.  Still a good track and a good second A-side.

2. Redial

Though the B-side sounds really cool in the beginning but then it kind of turns into this chilled out R&B song that really screams boy band!  I’m hearing a lot of other members taking a bigger approach and I love that.  It’s nice to hear but I also feel that it did well for them melodically because they do sound really nice together. 

3. Every Day -Japanese ver.-

Just like their last single, we get another Japanese version of one of their Korean tracks, this time from their mini-album, “Bran New KISS”.  It’s like they took “Forbidden Love” and toned everything down and made it a little more straightforward of a K-pop tune.  It’s pretty good and kind of lies in the middle between the previous two tracks.  



As U-KISS’ final single for the “A Shared Dream” era, I thought this single wasn’t up to snuff against “Tick Tack” but that’s ok since this single was still pretty good.  While I don’t know why they chose to release the single the same day their album drops, I’m pretty sure it won’t sell as much.  Forbidden Love is isn’t bad it continues to show how good they are as dancers/vocalists.  Redial was nice to and showed more of their vocal capabilities and Every Day is a solid retouch.  Once again, disappointed this single came out the same day as the album but they’ll miss out on Redial and Every Day so who knows lol


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