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LM.C – Ah Hah! March 1, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Ah Hah!
  2. Shibuya Cantabile

1. Ah Hah!

Wow that beginning threw me off at first.  I love that LM.C kind of brought back their straightforward rock sound since I’ve been missing that for a while since they’ve been experimenting new directions (basically everything between this and “LET ME’ CRAZY!!”).  I love when maya is like ~Everything is gonna be psycho day!~…I thought that line stood out to me lol.  Fun and energetic, definitely didn’t lose any spark since their best-of came out haha!

2. Shibuya Cantabile

I wasn’t expecting the B-side though, not gonna lie.  It’s definitely a lot lighter when compared to “Ah Hah!” but it’s not a ballad like “The LOVE SONG” was.  It’s more like a poppy J-rock song but containing a lot of LM.C power riffs.  Maybe a little like SID perhaps?  I liked the strings in the song a lot since it gave the song a rather anime-ish tone to it and maya’s quieter vocals are nice too.  Odd B-side but I like it.



As the first single of the era, Ah Hah! is pretty impressive if not great for them.  We see them at what they do best and it’s their rock songs and I loved the energy found in the A-side.  The B-side though is new territory for them (or at least for how much I’ve listened to them it is).  Shibuya Cantabile is anime-ish but done quite nicely and not as formulaic in areas.  Yeah can’t wait for more singles this time around ^_^


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