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SDN48 – Makeoshimi Congratulation March 2, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Makeoshimi Congratulation
  2. Kurikuri (Undergirls)
  3. Uekara Natsuko (Limited A only)
  4. Owaranai Encore (Limited B only)
  5. Makeoshimi Congratulation (off vocal)
  6. Kurikuri (off vocal)
  7. Uekara Natsuko (off vocal)
  8. Owaranai Encore (off vocal)

1. Makeoshimi Congratulation

I really can’t with this song.  It’s not them in my opinion.  I mean, don’t get me wrong I know the voices are there and such but the sound of Makeoshimi Congratulation doesn’t sound like SDN48 at all.  It’s more like an AKB or SKE song by arrangement and that disappointed me a whole lot since I like their K-pop-like songs and their more serious songs.  What a disappointing final A-side from the group IMHO.

2. Kurikuri

It’s funny that the Undergirls get the K-pop-like song on the single and it sounds rather nice for them.  Since there’s like 0 solo lines in the song I found it hard to judge the singing but I kind of like this song way more than “Makeoshimi Congratulation”.  I mean it’s no “GAGAGA” but this is pretty good for a B-side.

3. Uekara Natsuko

If this title looks familar to you then it should because it’s SDN’s version of “Uekara Mariko”.  I mean nothing has really changed musically and the lyrics are mostly the same with a few exceptions and the chorus changed from Mariko to Natsuko (and yes the Natsuko in question is singing in the song so it makes sense…well sort of.  I’m not sure of her importance to the group but she gets a song.  Otherwise there’s not much difference and I’m still not a big fan of this song or the original so *shrugs*.

4. Owaranai Encore

The group’s final song as a group (and yes all of the members sing here), Owaranai Encore is kind of the group’s “Sakura no Shiori” in the fact that they sing as one and it sounds pretty and all but the arrangement feels rather bland and yeah reminds me of “Koko ni Ita Koto” as well.  I know why this song is here, but I’m a little disappointed in this as well.



It’s funny that as this is the group’s final single, it’s nowhere to be seen on their best-of album, “BEST ENCORE” it kind of makes me curious why it’s not on it.  Makeoshimi Congratulation for the most part is a very disappointing single since 3/4 of the single is just not their style and kind of made me go ew.  Makeoshimi was clearly not SDN’s style and was a lame excuse of an A-side.  Uekara Natsuko being based off of one of AKB’s songs was stupid (even though SDN did their own cover of “Everyday, Katyusha” so meh.  Owaranai isn’t as bad as those two but it’s still meh.  The only good song on the single was Kurikuri because it was them and it sounds good along with the other B-sides prior to the single.  This just wasn’t the single that made me feel that closure for the group…might be worse than “Ai, Chuseyo”!


One Response to “SDN48 – Makeoshimi Congratulation”

  1. kieyuku Says:

    It’s all Aki-P’s fault, really. It’s just obvious to me with this single that he has completely lost interest in the group and that is the real reason behind the disbandment.

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