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Hitomi Shimatani – Shiawase Hakoberu You ni March 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Shiawase Hakoberu You ni (Gasshou ver.)
  2. Shiawase Hakoberu You ni (Piano Gakushou ver.)
  3. Shiawase Hakoberu You ni (Karaoke)

1. Shiawase Hakoberu You ni (Gasshou ver.)

Well, the main version of Shiawase Hakoberu You ni is pretty simple with just piano as the only instrument playing while Hitomi is singing along it.  As it is tagged as such a children’s choir is also singing along and are singing at an equal volume to Hitomi’s simple vocals.  The melody is pleasant and the piano arrangement is sweet as well.  It’s not as boring as I thought and has a bit better of a meaning that a lot of charity songs out there XD. 

2. Shiawase Hakoberu You ni (Piano Gakushou ver.)

The other version of the song is essentially the song without the kids choir.  Just piano and Hitomi singing.  I think I like this version better because we get to hear her vocals a LOT more clearly and since she has the great vocals to pull off ballads like this, it ends up making the song a bit more prettier in that aspect.  Though after a while it does seem a little empty without the kids so it’s both good and kind of meh at points for me.



The first thing I noticed was that this single was a charity single which made me think *why would you wait THIS LONG to release this…it’s a bit late*.  After that went away and I took a listen to the song, Shiawase Hakoberu You ni isn’t bad persay but it sure doesn’t help the fact that if this is considered as a single for a potential album alongside “Mayonaka no Guitar” and “Kantan ni Ietanara” then this wasn’t anything special.  Besides the kids in the Gasshou ver. it’s kind of plain but the vocals were still great from Hitomi.  Overall, it’s alright as a charity single but in Hitomi’s discography not very good.


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