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Minami Kizuki – Kizashi March 8, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kizashi
  2. Zutto Zutto
  3. Izayoi
  4. Kizashi (Karaoke)
  5. Zutto Zutto (Karaoke)

1. Kizashi

Rainstick?  I heard that at the beginning of the song for sure!!!  It’s weird listening to the song because Minami is pretty much straightforward in this ballad.  Her shima-uta style isn’t as up to the front like in many other songs of hers so this is actually quite nice to listen to all the way.  The arrangement is a bit plain but there’s times where I enjoy the soft pace. 

2. Zutto Zutto

Released as a digital single prior to the single’s release, Zutto Zutto sounds a little similar to “Kizashi” but that’s because of the instruments present which is still mainly piano and strings.  I will say a big difference is that Minami’s vocals are a little more riskier since she’s hitting high notes and pulling off the shima-uta style a bit more.  I do somehow find myself enjoying this a tad bit more but once again ballads aren’t my cup of tea.

3. Izayoi

The second B-side doesn’t surprise me as it’s another ballad to deal with.  Of the three songs on the single, Izayoi has the cleanest vocals since she only does the note twitching in a very small amount compared.  However, at this point of the single, the arrangement is really boring me to death and makes me want her to add something else to the music.  Still it’s pretty overall.



As this is Minami’s 3rd single for the era, it’s simple and maybe a little boring at different points but at least she’s worknig on her vocals and she can sing without overloading on her vocal style in her songs unlike in “Warabegami”.  Kizashi is nice but a little too simple and white for my tastes.  Zutto Zutto was the better song on the single but not by much since Izayoi could possibly surpass in the future…I don’t know but she needs something to spice her music up a little bit.


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