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Vanilla Beans – Tengoku e no Kaidan March 8, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Tengoku e no Kaidan
  2. Baby Portable Rock
  3. Nicola
  4. a little crying

1. Tengoku e no Kaidan

If the you look at the title and translate it actually is Stairway to Heaven and YES it is a cover of that Led Zeppelin song.  I found this to be shocking the system and quite sacriligious for sure.  Add the fact that Rena and Risa are singing it in Engrish and you got a potential hot trainwreck which is true.  Unlike the original’s rock format, it’s turned into this sort of folkish atmospheric version which is interesting but ODD.  Also it’s the full song so it’s pretty damn long past 8 minutes XD.  It’s an interesting cover no doubt but as an A-side?  Strange.

3. Nicola

As this was a special limited release, the second half of the single features two old songs first is Nicola which was the duo’s second A-side.  I used to think it was boring as hell and while it’s still not amongst their best songs, it’s got charm and the acoustic guitar arrangement has got me smiling.  Sweet song.

4. a little crying

I’m surprised they put the B-side from the duo’s first single, “U ♡ Me” on here and I’m not sure if it’s the original or the new version (the original had original member Rika and not Risa).  It’s a bit more relaxing than “Nicola” that’s for sure and they keep with the acoustic guitar as well.  Breezy song overall and it moves smoothly but it’s good background music nothing above that though.



FINALLY and will review the missing cover track as well.  While this is the only single that represents the “Vanilla Beans II” era, Tengoku e no Kaidan is a very oddball single.  I mean the A-side is a cover of Led Zeppelin’s biggest song word by word!  Also the first B-side is a cover of Pizzicato Five’s recognizable song.  Then the second half is songs the duo have already released.  I just didn’t understand this single at all!


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