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Juliet – Jimoto March 13, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Jimoto
  2. Sayonara to Hajimari
  3. Jimoto -Instrumental-

1. Jimoto

It feels like it’s been a while sicne we’ve heard Juliet last and they’ve returned with a new A-side in Jimoto.  Unlike their last couple of songs, this is more of your slower R&B song from them.  Sadly, it’s these songs that kind of make me just zzz since it’s kind of where it’s like “it’s been done” already kind of feeling.  I’m just not really feeling the song sadly.

2. Sayonara to Hajimari

The B-side sadly follows “Jimoto’s” line of work but without the dubious R&B beats.  It’s actually a straight up piano/strings ballad with little percussion and synth splotches.  It’s doing a better job at showing off the trio’s vocals which is nice and while the song takes a while before it opens into this loud chorus it has, I found myself actually enjoying it better…a little more dramatic actually. 



Juliet begins their 4th era with a poor A-side against a great B-side.  I really wish they kind of make their R&B songs a little more different to each because I was just plainly bored with Jimoto.  Sayonara to Hajimari though was pretty damn good.  I have to say they need to do more songs like the B-side now!!!! LOL


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