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RAINBOW – Gonna Gonna GO! March 13, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Gonna Gonna GO!
  2. Hello
  3. Gonna Gonna GO! (Instrumental)
  4. Hoi Hoi (CD only first press)

1. Gonna Gonna GO!

Finally the group gets into their first original A-side in Gonna Gonna GO! and this kind of sounds like KARA almost and I don’t know why…but I think it’s a nice change from both “A” and “Mach”.  The girls sound really sweet and pleasant to the ears but the chorus is kind of meh which has been a problem for RAINBOW since their JPN debut.  Not too bad for their first original A-side.

2. Hello

Oh!  The B-side is original too…sweet deal!  I actually have to admit but the opening for this song was pretty as hell for some reason and then just jumps into this gritty dance beat which kind of goes back to “Mach” which is a nice move for them.  I thought this did pretty well since the girl’s sound a lot stronger than before.  Not gonna lie either but the rapping was pretty awesome too…wow best song they’ve done!

3. Hoi Hoi

As a little incentive for getting a first press release, we get the Rainbow Pixie song (still in Korean though).  If you don’t know about Rainbow Pixie, they are a sub-group from RAINBOW that features three members and they’re style is a bit more cutesy pop.  At the same time, I feel like it reminds me of “Gonna Gonna GO!” soooo hmmm.  It’s pretty catchy no doubt and the girls sound good but after “Hello” this is missing a bit of style for me.



As their 3rd and final single for the “Over the Rainbow” era, Gonna Gonna GO! to me is their best single released yet.  The A-side was a bit more cuter than I would’ve expected after the last two A-sides but it’s alright.  Hello though was the clear winner and would’ve been amazing had it been the track promoting the single.  As for Hoi Hoi, it’s a nice little bonus but still reminds me of the A-side…this album is going to be odd, not gonna lie.


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