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SPYAIR – My World March 13, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. My World
  2. Come on
  3. BEAUTIFUL DAYS (acoustic version)

1. My World

I’m happy that SPYAIR began their second major era with a GUNDAM song like My World since it’s pretty rockin’ and just them.  I mean it’s not as explosive as “Japanication” or “Samurai Heart” but this is pretty standard and memorable piece of work they got here.  IKE sounds strong singing as well which isn’t new to me hahah but this is awesome to listen to.  Definitely a great way to kick things off.

2. Come on

Calming things down a little bit, Come on kind of feels unplugged even though there’s electric guitar.  I just enjoyed the laidback atmosphere I felt from the song and IKE even tuned down his vocals (at least until the powerfully striking chorus).  I kind of liked this track a bit more than “My World” oddly enough but that’s because this felt more like SPYAIR I like so this was a winner for sure.

3. BEAUTIFUL DAYS (acoustic version)

Closing the single out is an acoustic version of their last A-side, BEAUTIFUL DAYS.  The original didn’t really impress me much because it sounded so very plain even for such a band like SPYAIR.  I kind of like hearing a more stripped down version of the song even though it still barely leaves a mark on my mind.  Overall though IKE is a great singer if he wants to do more acoustic tracks like this.



Kicking off a new era, My World is actually a pretty solid single.  Nothing too bad but nothing (besides Come on) noteworthy.  My World is pretty tame for them but it’s kind enough energy to keep it afloat.  The acoustic take for BEAUTIFUL DAYS wasn’t bad either but I still can’t remember the song otherwise.  Come on though is the star choice for me though.  It’s pretty awesome and has the great SPYAIR energy that got me into the band in the first place!  Let’s keep em coming!


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