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DOES – Ima wo Ikiru March 15, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Ima wo Ikiru

1. Ima wo Ikiru

Only one song on the single…no instrumental even?  Pretty ballsy to pull a single release like this.  I will say though that I kind of enjoyed Ima wo Ikiru even though it’s not a hardcore like some of their other songs I’ve heard from them.  I do think Ujihara’s vocals stand out for me despite still having such a gritty and lazy feel to it but the chorus is pretty explosive since he sings out a lot more.  However he does kind of get’s scratchy…actually he’s more of this in this song alone…kind of annoying in various places.  It isn’t bad…but could’ve been better.



As the only single to represent the “Katharsivilization” album, Ima wo Ikiru is a powerful track from the band that’s for sure but Ujihara’s scratchy vocals are taking its toll on the song since he’s got so much vocal hiccups in the song…it’s like he’s slowly sounding worse than he did two eras ago.  Hopefully the album will have stronger songs!


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