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YuiKaori – Kimi no YELL March 15, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kimi no YELL
  2. Attouteki na GO!!
  3. Kimi no YELL (off vocal ver.)
  4. Attouteki na GO!! (off vocal ver.)

1. Kimi no YELL

Kimi no YELL doesn’t seem to push the duo into new directions but I do like hearing electric guitars in the song giving the song a pretty good anison feel.  It’s still pretty cute overall so it’s not a giant departure for the girls.  Once again, I’m finding myself loving the crap out of Kaori’s vocals in the song since she’s so strong singing the track.  I actually consider Kimi no YELL their best A-side yet!

2. Attouteki na GO!!

The B-side though is kind of the side of the group I’m not so fond of.  It’s a bit faster than “Kimi no YELL” but strikes a bigger cutesy chord than normal.  I will say that the energy is through the roof so I’m good with that but meh otherwise I don’t find it that memorable!



Starting their sophomore era, Kimi no YELL by YuiKaori is surprisingly nice and a much stronger release than any of their previous singles.  Kimi no YELL is a pretty good A-side and I’m happy they’re doing a little more with their music instead of just going with the flow.  Attouteki na GO!! is alright but nothing too memorable but it’s not bad…good single overall.


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