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Minori Chihara – Celestial Diva March 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Celestial Diva
  3. Celestial Diva (off vocal)
  4. IDENTITY (off vocal)

1. Celestial Diva

I was curious getting into Celestial Diva since the lyrics were written by Arika from ALI PROJECT.  The arrangement though has Minorin’s synth style which is pretty cool oddly enough but Minori’s vocals do sound a little odd since they’re just a bit nasally here.  I mean it’s not as epic as some of the tracks on “D-Formation” but this is a good way to begin an era (rather than “Freedom Dreamer” or “Yasashii Boukyaku”.


I will say I wasn’t expecting both tracks to be upbeat and synth-heavy like they are.  IDENTITY though reminds me more of different anime themes since it’s mid-tempo and has a bit of stringwork spaced out and around the song.  I do approve of this one more since her voice is a lot more easier to take than in “Celestial Diva”.



She’s definitely a release hound it seems.  I mean we haven’t really had “D-Formation” for a long time but that’s OK.  Celestial Diva is actually not too bad and for a first A-side of a new era, it stood out better than what began her last era for sure.  IDENTITY though is the better song oddly enough and made a stronger impression with its heavier arrangement and stronger vocals.  Good single ^_^


One Response to “Minori Chihara – Celestial Diva”

  1. kendarugeter Says:

    Happy to have u back!!!!!!!

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