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What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 18 April 29, 2012

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So before I start this I have to say next week’s will be out on Friday because I won’t be home for the next week…plus when I do week 20 will be out and well that’ll be 10 songs XD.  So here are the 5!

1. school food punishment – butterfly swimmer

The Song: butterfly swimmer is best known as the group’s second single and follow-up to “futuristic imagination”.  Quite nice!

The Video: Their video’s have usually been quite artistic and butterfly swimmer does not disappoint on that effect.  It starts out with Yumi singing by herself in black and white (thrown in with some water effects).  Once the slow part stops, the color gets added and the band appears more.  It’s still in its core, a performance video so it might not be the most original concept, but it’s pretty ^_^

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love the song itself even though it’s not my favorite song from them lol.  It’s pretty and I love the long intro part before it gets into it’s experimental pop/rock sound that just goes well together. 

2. Hilary Duff – Party Up

The Song: Yeah it’s an album song from her debut album, Metamorphosis

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Party Up is pretty much a party song through and through and I love the fun energy it brings to my ears when I listen to it.  It’s quite the song and doing the ~la la la la la la la~ of the song is really catchy.

3. Ayumi Hamasaki – Marionette

The Song: Marionette was an album song used to promote Ayu’s album, GUILTY and one of the darkest songs on said album as well ^^

The Video: It’s definitely one of the concept-heavy PVs Ayu loves to do in her career.  To me, it’s also one of the creepiest one’s she’s done as well since it’s so dark and Ayu looks so possessed since she’s the marionette and her pupils have white irises in it.  It gets better especially the choregraphy starts to shine a bit more and the story gets a little more exciting but just as confuzzling as before XD

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s dark and dramatic and combines the good things Ayu can do into one song which I love to death hahaha.  Besides “Mirror”, Marionette is my favorite from the album and good reason it stayed o the iPhone.

4. Kana Nishino – Every Boy Every Girl

The Song: Every Boy Every Girl is an album song from Kanayan’s 3rd album, Thank you, Love.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s on there because it’s just so catchy and shows off a good amount of attitude from Kana by being all aggressive about love XD.  Just a really cool song and she needs more of these songs!!!

5. Koda Kumi – That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie

The Song: Well, Kuu has done collaborations before but with someone like Fergie?  Totally came out of nowhere for me.  It was part of the “MOON” single. 

The Video: Most of the PV is pretty much the two ladies performing in a parking garage (hmmm original).  It’s such a near-lesbian experience for those two because they are just touching all over….DAMN Kuu!!!  Either way, it wasn’t so bad though the storyline is kind of an afterthought because most of it was close-up shots with Kuu and Fergie…very sexual!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s clean lyrically but it does have some moments.  That Ain’t Cool is quite nice and while it was more Fergie than Kuu, it’s a nice enough collaboration and could’ve been handled a WHOLE LOT worse XD.





Piko – Emi’iro Refrain April 26, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Emi’iro Refrain
  2. Hysteric rain
  3. Ama no Jaku
  4. Emi’iro Refrain (PikoLess Version)
  5. Hysteric rain (PikoLess Version)
  6. Ama no Jaku (PikoLess Version)

1. Emi’iro Refrain

I’m still trying to find my footing to like Piko’s music but it’s so hard sometimes with his vocals or bland style.  Emi’iro Refrain is unusual to me but at least it’s a change from the previous singles.  It’s light and a bit more anime-like against the others.  It’s interesting not gonna lie, but I’m still kind of on the fence with Piko’s vocals himself.  He doesn’t sound very enthusiastic in places like the chorus…but sounds much better in the verses.  Unusual A-side but nice that he at least stepped out of his confort zone.

2. Hysteric rain

A little more spice thrown in and we get Hysteric rain which is a tad more like his previous works to be honest.  A lot more guitars and dramatics included and also some squeaking from Piko.  Beyond that, this song is kind of plain but at least Piko tries to make the song exciting so it’s not too bad in the long run…good track.

3. Ama no Jaku

The other B-side, Ama no Jaku kind of goes back to his first couple of singles with a bit more of an edgier and funky style.  Piko isn’t doing much in vocal aerials but he’s good and straightforward and the song sounds a lot better than I would’ve expected.  I put it as better than the previous song lol.



It seems like it’s the final single before Piko releases his major label sophomore album in May.  Emi’iro Refrain is a pretty nice change after the very bland and poorly registered “Yume Hana”.  I love that this A-side doesn’t sound like ANYTHING previous (A-side wise) and it turned out nice.  Hysteric rain was a little bit bleh but it’s not bad and is growing on me as we speak and well Ama no Jaku was pretty good all around…I’m a little curious about the album now…


Tekken 3 April 25, 2012

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The Tekken series is one of Namco’s dearly beloved series and one of two HUGE fighting game series done by the company.  The Tekken series have spanned a long time with 6 true sequels, 2 Tag Tournaments and a lot of ports and handheld versions.  Tekken 3 is the most critically acclaimed games and sold a butt-ton during the haydays of the PS1.  It’s also a port itself from it’s Arcade release (which turns out that the PS1 title looked better and played better on the console (well there’s some arcade purists that think otherwise though XD).  Also, this version of Tekken 3 came with tons of different modes that the arcade didn’t feature making it a more filled out release as well!


The story of this game is a monster is reborn and goes on a rampage killing (supposedly) everyone in sight and our new protagonist Jin Kazama seeks revenge on it for killing his mother Jun Kazama (sounds familiar).  Also this is set 15 years after the events of Tekken 2 (OH HEY DIDN’T SOULCALIBUR V JUST DO THE SAME THING?).  Of course there’s other stories that go on with each of the characters…about characters….


Like I said, Tekken 3 is set 15 years after Tekken 2 so clearly there’s going to be a lot of changes…well there was and there wasn’t in a way.  While there were a bunch of new faces to be seen a lot of them were just updates/replacements for characters previous…it’s weird but interesting.  The only characters that did return were Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams, Paul Phoenix, King (though a new man under the mask), Lei Wulong, Kuma (who is a secret character), Anna Williams (who is a secret character), and Heihachi Mishima (who’s the sub-boss and secret character).

As for new characters I’ll talk about them a little bit ^_^

  • Jin Kazama – The new protagonist of the game who is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama (must’ve been some fierce ass sex…or possibly some kind of forced shindig…because who can see this happening?  It shows though since Jin’s fighting style is a mix of Kazuya’s and Jun’s.
  • Forrest Law – Marshall Law’s son…same fighting style and everything…doesn’t really become popular as a stand-alone so he only appeared here and Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • Xiaoyu Ling – The new youthful Chinese (but talking in Japanese) gal who’s motives are a bit childish but it works!  Very fast and has a lot of different positions for moves.
  • Eddy Gordo – The infamous Capoeira user!  Or Tekken players dub as button mashing friendly because of his very fluid moveset.  My favorite of the bunch!  He also has an alternate outfit but a character himself in Tiger Jackson.
  • Hwoarang – Jin’s rival makes his first appearance here and is a student of Baek Doo San’s…so it he shares a bit of Tae Kwon Do (but once again a little more youthful and dynamic).
  • Bryan Fury (secret character) – Of the new characters, he seemed to be made out of nowhere with little to no connections in Tekken 3 but somehow got a bit of Bruce Irvin’s moveset.
  • Panda (secret character) – Xiaoyu’s pet panda…but really was just a aesthetic change to Kuma (they both shared the same movesets and still do for the most part today >.>)
  • Julia Chang (secret character) – It turns out Julia is Michelle Chang’s adopted daughter so essentially she was the replacement for her. (funny that both her and Michelle were in TTT but no Marshall or Forrest) XDDDDD
  • Gun Jack (secret character) – Just an updated Jack-2 really though I’m not sure if he incorporated some moves from Prototype Jack. 
  • Mokujin (secret character) – Finally the series gets their random character selection IN a character.  Yup, Mokujin changes fighting styles each round and he’ll be anyone cept a couple few for obvious reasons.
  • Dr. Bosconovitch (secret character) – The Playstation version had two bonus characters added in for a little more completion and yays for the fans.  The first is actually someone rather important to the storyline because he’s been involved in a lot of characters’ stories like Yoshimitsu, Bryan, Nina, Anna, and Alisa that it’s hard not to say he’s important to the lore.  His fighting style is very bizarre because he does have a rather unfortunate minus.  He always falls like he’s dying and his moves are hard to pull off with this arrangement going on. 
  • Gon (secret character) – The other character only on the PS1 version is more of a guest character because he’s originally a character from a manga.  I mean animal characters aren’t new to the series so it’s not odd…but his obvious height issue and the fact every characters has a hard time because he has fireballs, gas attacks, and other nonsensical moves make him a cheap character too (and easy to get Dr. B with).
  • Ogre (secret character) – Ogre is the first form of the final boss of Tekken 3.  His moveset contains a lot of the missing characters in the game here so you’ll see moves from Kazuya, Lee, Wang, Kunimitsu, Bruce, and some others.  His true form, True Ogre is a lot more bulkier and has some moves of his own like breathing fire and such.


The stages are colorful and varied but they still haven’t totally gotten very realistic with them.  What I mean is that walls have still not been applied to the series (since I think it would’ve made the game even harder to deal with.  They are scroll stages (meaning, the stage does not end and it feels like you’re always going on in a circle.  Xiaoyu and Eddy’s stages are colorful and pleasant while Hwoarang’s is more traditional.  Ogre and Heihachi’s are tomb-like while playing as/or against True Ogre makes the stage go black…It’s a pretty impressive set of stages and beats Tekken 2’s outright.


The gameplay in Tekken 3 though was the winner though for sure.  Unlike Tekken 2, the series got a big change and with that the series became a WHOLE lot better for that.  The first introduction and probably MOST important is side-stepping.  I mean you can dodge attacks and do moves to punish them for it and the fact that the stage doesn’t really glitch out during this is impressive!  Also in Tekken 2, your jumping height was as ridiculous as Virtua Fighter….no one can jump that high and that was fixed in Tekken 3 for a more realistic approach and more moves being implemented into that.  All the characters have filled out movesets to also work with ^^.  I’m surprised they’ve stuck to the side-stepping for as long as they have (especially since the Soul series have been utilizing the more open 4-way run.  It’s just a pretty damn good game with deep gameplay that has only been getting better since this game.


  • Graphics: For the time this was released, this was pretty damn good and I still somehow like them today for its nostalgic value.  A lot of interesting hit effects and the powering up was awesome (each character had their own).  The backgrounds looked nice and spun around when places are changed and the camers focusing in on some attacks was a cool thing.  Even the replays were awesomes xD.  It was a little blocky, but it’s a PS1 game what can you do? 
  • Sound: The attacks sound great and the music while some were forgettable was a nuce buch of awesomes.  The voicing on some things were a little funky but still cool. 

Other Things, Modes, etc.

Like most other fighting games, it features a bunch of other modes to make it a better game.  Of course an Arcade mode (best place to unlock most of the characters), Versus, Time Attack, Survival, and Practice.  There were some interesting other things

  • Team Battle – Even though there wasn’t 2 on 2 (that’s the next game, Tekken Tag Tournament) but the best is have battles with any number amount (well up to 8) and then just battle it out.  You can even make it random so you don’t know who’s butt ur kicking with a character you don’t know until then…I love it and I wish they keep this!
  • Tekken Force – If you like stuff like TMNT, Final Fight, or even Double Dragon…this might intrigue you but this pits you in four stages in bouts with the Tekken Force (your opponents) and you can choose your favorite fighter to make it through them all (though you have to play it four times to get Dr. Bosconovitch).  IMO I didn’t like it and it was hard especially not being able to freely move since everytime you wanted a different direction you end up jumping or sidestepping…meh.  *whispers* use Gon, he’s great for this!
  • Tekken Ball – Weirdest mode of the game was this little side game of volleyball…but not really.  The point of it is to still defeat your opponent but it’s hitting the volleyball with powerful attacks…the stronger the more damage.  There’s some other odd nuances about it like the UBER powerful moves and performing a throw on the ball…which makes things weirder xD.  I love it and surprised it has never returned!
  • Theater: Kind of a staple to the series, the Theater mode lets you watch all the character endings (well you have to beat the game with every characterin Arcade mode to have all the endings.  Also you can watch the intro and listen to music from the game.  HOWEVER, if you have saves from both Tekken and Tekken 2, the movies and music from that game also show up too. 




Tekken 3 is definitely my second favorite Tekken (the other one I’ll review eventually).  It just felt so good playing this on the Playstation and having feel and sound and overall as a package be better than its Arcade version is amazing.  Now people seem to bitch about SCV taking that time hop, but Tekken 3 also did it but this became huge so I wonder why else the game failed (well…ok the story sucked but still).  It’s weird because all we really figure out is that Jin turns into Devil Jin for the first time and Ogre/True Ogre gets owned…so this game’s storyline also kind of felt less important than say Tekken 4 to 6.  Still a great game!



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Track Listing

  2. 4U (For You)
  3. Sarangi Meomchul Ttae
  6. DORADORA (Instrumental)


As the leading song for the mini, U-KISS opens with DORADORA doesn’t carry the light like “NEVERLAND” or other leading songs have which isn’t a safe thing to say because anything else is kind of meh (even their K-pop ballads).  It’s not bad but compared to recent boybands releasing this year, this is pretty underwhelming and doesn’t show the true colors of U-KISS very well.  At least the members sound pleasant enough…it’s just not great.

2. 4U (For You)

If the Koreans wanted something that sounds a little like the poppy stuff from “A Shared Dream”, this is the closest you’ll get with this song which is pretty funny to hear.  The rappers do sound odd in this setting (especially Dongho) but this song is more for the singers who currently escape my mind as to who’s leading.  The synthed up arrangement is nice but it lacks energy for me which I didn’t mention was also missing in “DORADORA” for the most part.

3. Sarangi Meomchul Ttae

Of course one of the songs had to be a ballad right?  I mean we had “0330” and “A Shared Dream” previous (at least as far as I went back) so of course I had hopes that it wasn’t going to bland but once again it seems this ballad is a lot of Kevin, Hoon, and Soohyun.  I’m sure some of the other members got a line or two but it also bored me to death XD.  This might make people swoon, it’s just personal preference that I’m just not into it much.


AJ actually penned the next song and honestly is the only saving grace this mini-album has pretty much.  It’s definitely in the realm of U-KISS’ more danceable tracks and they sound really good…though I get Block B vibes in the song but I’m sure that’ll pass.  Of course Kevin and Soohyun lead the chorus, but it’s so catchy and the hooks are all over the place here ^_^.  This should’ve been promoting the mini…not “DORADORA”.


If the title looks familiar, then it should because it’s a Korean version of “Tick Tack”, the group’s Japanese debut track.  I was kind of excited at first becuase I was gonna hear awesomeness being done in Korean.  Sadly what I wasn’t expecting was that most of the song’s lyrics have been replaced (including most of the English stuff!).  I mean the original in the chorus was like ~Tonight, I shall be singing for you through the night, Tonight, I shall be turning on the broken light~…….BUT NOW IT’S ALL LIKE ~Tonight, we’re gonna party like we’re out of time, Tonight, we’ll live it up under the city lights~…Honestly, it just doesn’t work and the whole identity of the song is lost to this predictable K-pop mess of just “having fun”…I was SORELY disappointed in them for even agreeing to change the English lyrics out…like WTF.



WOW, U-KISS continuing to disappoint me here.  Besides AMAZING, DORADORA was just unacceptable for me.  The leading song feels so bland when compared to their previous stuff like “Shut Up!” and “Man Man Ha Ni” and even “NEVERLAND”.  The rest of the mini was just as bland and forgetful (even though the vocals are nice still so they get points on that) but the worst was TICK TOCK….just shouldn’t have happened…WHY U-KISS WHY MUST U DISAPPOINT!!!!!


Chiaki Ishikawa – Kono Sekai wo Dare ni mo Katarasenai You ni

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Track Listing

  1. TW
  2. The Giving Tree
  3. My book
  4. Fukanzen Nenshou
  5. Uninstall ~Boku ga Saigo no Pilot Remix~
  6. Switch ga Haittara
  7. Gyakkou
  8. Insomnia
  9. Natsu no Niwa
  10. Sore wa Magire mo Naku ~Erebarashi Mono no Solitude~
  11. Ruisen
  12. Mou Nani mo Kowakunai, Kowaku wa Nai
  13. Sherbet Snow

1. TW

I find it pretty sweet that Chiaki would open her album with TW (from “Mou Nani mo Kowakunai, Kowaku wa Nai”) since it was one of my favorite songs during this era.  It’s funny that they would start with this because the first two words of the song are ~kono sekai~ LOL.  Reasons I enjoyed the song was because while it is pretty mid-tempo, it flowed smoothly and the light beats and piano-laced melody worked together and sounds like a GUNDAM theme (oh wait it was) XD. 

2. The Giving Tree

The first of the new songs on the album, The Giving Tree is an interesting name since I remember the name as a story (not sure if it’s connected one way or another but anyway…).  Chiaki’s vocals have seem to get a little more weaker than it was on the previous album but I enjoy The Giving Tree from it’s anime-esque feel and the flutes and strings in it.  It’s quite nice a lot stronger than “TW” oddly enough.

3. My book

I continue to like this folkish nature from Chiaki and My book sounds like something you’d find in a JRPG since it’s got this slow and dreary atmosphere that seems to sound good…plus there’s a lot of bass present haha.  It’s a real laidback kind of song and Chiaki’s vocals while not surprising that they don’t fit TOO well in the setting gave color to the song as well.  Interesting song.

4. Fukanzen Nenshou

The primary 3rd A-side, Fukanzen Nenshou comes rushing in with its latin vibes and still manages to be one of the more impressive songs that were released prior to the album.  After a while I did start to think there were different issues going on like some of the lyrics didn’t suit the arrangement (like the chorus) and Chiaki’s vocals were a bit more throaty than normal but I still somehow like it lol.

5. Uninstall ~Boku ga Saigo no Pilot Remix~

Of course it wasn’t going to be long before Chiaki would do a remix of Uninstall which is one of her more well-known songs.  It’s a bit of an odd one at that at first because of the way it begins but at least it moves a little better once more things jump in.  There’s a lot of echos in it and some weird stuff going on but it’s a remix what are you going to do…it’s not as good as the original.

6. Switch ga Haittara

It wasn’t long until we were going to hear the secondary A-side opposite to “Fukanzen Nenshou”.  I said on the single review that I like the more Western sound of the tune but it wore off after a while but I do like the acoustic arrangement when compared to the its sister A-side.  After a while it does kind of fall off the radar for me since it really doesn’t build anywhere but the guitar solo in the middle was a nice touch.

7. Gyakkou

Then we move into the first A-side released for the album and Gyakkou is still pretty damn pretty, especially opening with the shimasen of all instruments.  I think this was the most impressive because it was truly quite different and traditional to Japan.  Plus, Chiaki’s vocals are quite nice even though I noticed at this point that her voice sounded different than on “Dare mo Oshiete Kure Nakatta Koto”.  It does seem like the ending goes on too long sometimes, but it’s still the best from the A-sides.

8. Insomnia

Of the new songs, I was surprised that Insomnia is pretty basic and bland when compared to the other new tracks of the album sadly.  The arrangement doesn’t really do much for me since it kind of feels like regular ole guitar and piano lol.  Probably my least favorite song of the album.

9. Natsu no Niwa

Oh god the eerie ~eeeeeEEEEeeeEEEEeeee~ returns to completely weird me out at the beginning (not as harsh as “Prototype” but still goddamn awkward).  At least we got our ballad to deal with on the album and it’s also pretty book basics.  It’s not terrible though which is good and the odd ad-libbing adds a little creepy status to the song so it’s nice there…but ultimately forgettable…

10. Sore wa Magire mo Naku ~Erebarashi Mono no Solitude~

That jingling at the intro reminded me of PictoChat for some reason XD.  At least Chiaki opened the song by singing the title of the song first!  It does gain momentum from “Natsu no Niwa” which is nice and the folkish/Kajiura feel is present here for some reason but whatever the reason, I really enjoyed its relaxed style and Chiaki’s vocals aren’t as nasally as they are in some other songs.  Pretty soothing of a song here.

11. Ruisen

Oh yeah!  “Gyakkou’s” B-side finally comes up next and I must say I also really liked this song too because this was the kind of ballad I was hoping Chiaki would release.  I mean it is colorful, had nice movement and flow and just sounds like something you’d hear in Naruto (like background music not themes).  It still is a bit too long (6 minutes) but it’s a pretty ballad for sure and one of my favorites from her.

11. Mou Nani mo, Kowakunai, Kowaku wa Nai

Ahhh, the second A-side appears now and unfortunately is another ballad that moves a little slower than “Ruisen”.  I feel for this song as much as I do for “Insomnia”.  The song kind of drags the entire time and the arrangement isn’t very intriguing…kind of basic as well.  Reason why I took to “TW” a lot more.

13. Sherbet Snow

Closing the album out, Sherbet Snow sounds like it’d be a cute song (which is pretty uncharacteristic for her) and it turns out to be the quietest and slowest ballad on the album…actually it felt like there was no arrangement and Chiaki was singing acapella.  It DOES have one but it’s so subdued and quiet that you just don’t hear it unless Chiaki isn’t singing….ugh appropriate ending and all…just too empty!

Tracks Recommended

  • Ruisen
  • The Giving Tree
  • Sore wa Magire mo Naku ~Erabareshi Mono no Solitude~
  • TW

Song of Avoidance

  • Insomnia

Comparing to the other album I’ve heard from her, Kono Sekai wo… is pretty much a subdued and more softer release against “Dare mo Oshiete Kure Nakatta Koto”.  There wasn’t many songs that popped out at me unlike the last album but the ones that did were slower songs (oddly enough).  If you were expecting stuff like “49scale” and “Shylpeed”…you won’t find that here so be warned coming into her 4th.


ikimono-gakari – Haru Uta April 24, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Haru Uta
  2. Haru Uta -instrumental-

1. Haru Uta

Doesn’t feel like “NEWTRAL” has been out that long hahah…but ikimono continues to release those singles and Haru Uta might be just the only song on the release but it’s a pleasant song to listen to and fits the season of Spring very well.  A breezy arrangement and Kiyoe’s vocals just seem to make it a happy-go-lucky song.  It’s a nice song to smile to for sure.



Quickly getting into a new album era, Haru Uta is a bit unfortunate to be like “Kimi ga Iru” and “Arigatou” in the fact they have no B-sides to represent them either.  I will say this song has a lot charm going for it and I’m sure it’ll sell pretty well despite how empty the single really is.


What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 17 April 22, 2012

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Heya there…another Sunday, another round of 5 so let’s see who we have this week ^_^!

1. angela – Tsunaga Ro→om

The Song: Tsunaga Ro→om is the B-side from “Aoi Haru” ^_^

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, besides another song that’s also on my iPod…it’s a very adventurous sounding tune.  I love atsuko’s vocals here meshing with the heavily electronic arrangement here and it feels like you’re traveling and that’s a great picture to have in your mind while listening to the track itself ^_^

2. Bella Thorne – TTYLXOX

The Song: Well this song is sung by Bella Thorne who’s is an actress on the Disney show, Shake It Up!.  Now this song comes from the second compilation album from said show and is the only song she sings on (minus the mashup).  It was also released as a single simultaneously with Zendaya’s tune “Something to Dance For”.

The Video: While it doesn’t get a full video, it does share a nice long part with Zendaya’s song as it’s a mashup between the two and TTYLXOX goes after it.  It’s nothing too extraordinary since it goes between a close-up of Bella and the dance routine which is kind of cool…maybe a little odd in places like the chorus area but fits the beat nicely. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s one of those embarassing moments when you like a song that you really shouldn’t but somehow TTYLXOX has a rather interesting beat to it and the synth lines/dance beats intertwining keeps me engaged.  Lyrically, it’s beyond cheesy (of course with TTYLXOX) XD.  Still, it’s kind of one of those songs that can be a worm to the mind…yikes!

3. Nobuo Uematsu – One-winged Angel

The Song: Every RPG gamer should know this song!  It’s the damn final boss theme for Sephiroth silly! 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I think everyone who loves Video Game music has this song on their playlist, it’s actually a great dramatic piece for Uematsu and is ranked up there as a favorite in many’s eyes.  It’s got punch, has latin chanting (well w/e it is) and the original is just that nostalgic.  There’s been numerous touch-ups to it through things like Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, countless orchestra versions and different compilations (even Uematsu and his band, The Black Mages, covered this).  It’s hard not to have the original on here ^_^

4. Van Halen – Jump

The Song: Van Halen’s Jump was a different side to the band than what you might think it would sound like.  As a band known for their rockin’ sound and fun attitude while doing it, I don’t think no one back then expected the band to release this (a very heavily synthesized song but still managing to retain their rockin’ sound). 

The Video: Not surprising, the video is pretty standard (well for the times) it’s mostly the band having fun and performing on a stage of course.  Like the title of the song implies, there’s a lot of jumping…especially from one David Lee Roth hahaha…enough air splits! XD.  They did look like they were having fun though and while it’s showing its age…I think it was a good performance…

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I always loved Jump as a kid since my father listened to this stuff all the time and it just stuck to me.  I will say I’m more of a Haggar fan than a Roth fan, but this is a great exception to the rule and c’mon…it’s like their most recognizable tune (amongst a couple others) XD.

5. Linkin Park – One Step Closer

The Song: Ahhhhh…One Step Closer was the group’s debut track and boy did it explode onto the airwaves and split the bubblegum fandom down quite a bit.  I think the rock crowd was asking for something new to pop on the radar and you can’t deny that LP would be the one’s taking charge!

The Video: I could never seem to figure what the video was all about but at the age I was…(entering my teenage years), I thought it was badass of a video.  There’s teens that catches this hooded guys eyes and they decided to follow him and that’s when the band kicks the song off.  Add in floating ninja-like peoples and fire and all other chaos going on and in the end the group escapes…interesting.  The band is also quite the stand-outs as well from Chester’s angry-filled performance to Mike’s blood red hair and everyone’s aggressive look…though hmmm no Phoenix…but a different bassist?  Interesting to know…It’s just a dark but powerful video!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Everyone has that one pissed off song you just love to agree with everything on and I took to the song pretty damn quickly.  Plus it started my love for the band even though they have matured a WHOLE lot since Hybrid Theory.  One Step Closer is so powerful and the message is quite clear and Chester is the voice to put the right amount of angst and aggression (especially that ~shut up when I’m talking to you~ passage of lyrics lol…JUST BADASS!





sphere – Non stop road/Ashita e no Kaerimichi

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Track Listing

  1. Non stop road
  2. Ashita e no Kaerimichi
  3. Non stop road (Off Vocal)
  4. Ashita e no Kaerimichi (Off Vocal)

1. Non stop road

When I first turned on Non stop road, I kind of felt this was going back to their first era with a breezy atmosphere (oh the puns)…I actually really like this song because it isn’t rough round the edges and it has a great feel.  Even the 4 ladies sounds great together from Aki’s weaker vocals to the pretty ones from Ayahi and spaces filled in between by Minako and Haruka.  It’s definitely my favorite A-side of the era.

2. Ashita e no Kaerimichi

The other A-side of the single is the ballad to seperate itself from the other ones (besides “Hazy”).  While I don’t find this as great as “Non stop road”, it’s a pleasant enough song for me to be lulled by with the ladies more softer vocals.  It’s a bit of a sleep-inducing song though but still pretty to hear.



It’s a little surprising that they’d wait as long as they to release this single after “HIGH POWERED” but it’s the fourth single of the era and it passes over it with a little hop.  Non stop road is pretty good and is my favorite of the A-sides hands down and while Ashita e no Kaerimichi is a little zzz…it isn’t bad at all just demands a fully awake person lol.  So, this was a solid single ^_^



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Track Listing

  1. Can Do
  2. Love in shelter
  3. Mesmerize
  4. Can Do (Instrumental)
  5. Love in shelter (Instrumental)
  6. Mesmerize (Instrumental)

1. Can Do

Can Do is definitely an uppity song to listen to and a lot more poppier than “Ai no Warrior” was to be honest.  It’s fast and the atmosphere is pretty bright and KISHOW’s vocals seem to stand out from the song a lot more than before which is nice.  I will say he does have moments where I sense weakness in his tone but for the most part it’s good.  I remember this A-side more than their last so it’s a step-up ^_^

2. Love in shelter

Both B-sides are funny enough a minute and a half longer than “Can Do” lol!  Love in shelter is a bit more gritty and rockin’ which is a nice change here.  However, I felt KISHOW’s vocal performance was all over the place and didn’t fit in with the arrangement at various times.  It’s a solid song though arrangement-wise and the chorus is nice…but messy lyrically.

3. Mesmerize

As the hardest song on the single, Mesmerize was something I was wanting to hear from GRANRODEO since they are a anison rock duo right?  They should pull something hard once in a while.  I love the dramatic sound of KISHOW’s vocals…they almost remind me of GACKT’s but less.  He just sounds powerful in this song and the arrangement worked with it too.  Definitely my favorite track off the single!



I was hoping that their next single after “Ai no Warrior” would be better and in a lot of ways, it is!  Can Do might be a song that’s to the books and all that but it’s not at all that bad and I enjoy it equally to the duo’s last A-side.  However, this single ruled over because one of the B-sides was definitely better.  Mesmerize was damn good and quite the song to hear if you like that hard but dramatic kind of rock song.  Love in shelter could’ve been great if it hadn’t been for KISHOW’s wild vocals…still good single overall ^_^


°C-ute – Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku April 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku
  2. “Ai wa Itsumo Itsumo”
  3. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Maimi Yajima Ver.) (Limited B only)
  4. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Saki Nakajima Ver.) (Limited C only)
  5. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Airi Suzuki Ver.) (Limited D only)
  6. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Chisato Okai Ver.) (Limited E only)
  7. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Mai Hagiwara Ver.) (Limited F only)
  8. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Instrumental)

1. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku

When was the last time we got a ballad from H!P as a leading track more or less?  It’s definitely been a while and °C-ute begins a new era with one which is a tad surprising.  I do like the fact that it’s more acoustic-based (which is something rare these days to come by.  At least it’s pretty heartfelt and comes off as a little catchy but they should’ve left it all melodic and not so much have solo lines (but that’s my thing).  Not bad though for an A-side ballad but lulz at the guitar solo XD.

2. “Ai wa Itsumo Itsumo”

If the other 5 tracks weren’t on here, then this wouldn’t have been more of a odd song to have here.  First off, unlike the ballad-ness of the A-side, this is very synthy and upbeat (almost like “Kiss me Aishteru” and “Bye Bye Bye”).  It’s not as powerful as those two though but I did like hearing all the members everywhere.  It’s kind of listening to a Sonic game go by and it actually made me fall in love…Finally a B-side that isn’t awkward or just not right!

3. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Maimi Yajima Ver.)
4. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Saki Nakijima Ver.)
5. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Airi Suzuki Ver.)
6. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Chisato Okai Ver.)
7. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (Mai Hagiwara Ver.)

Yeah, I’m not into reviewing each version seperately so I’m going to do it this way lol.  Each limited edition (cept A) came with an extra version of the leading track but depending on what you get, you get solo takes of the songs.  Of course, if you’re used to the group by now, you can easily determine which voice belongs to who.  Personally, I think Airi’s is the best of the bunch followed by Maimi’s.  Then a huge gap and Chisato’s comes next but her unique vocals come to the forefront and it causes it to be a little uncomfortable.  Then Nakky’s and Maimai’s rounds it up.  Their vocals are hard to deal with in this ballad…Maimai’s the most because she makes too happy, smiley cute….



°C-ute after the last era really disappointed me again (just as much when “Shocking 5” ended).  Kicking off their 8th era with an interesting ballad.  I do think it could grow in time but it’s a dropoff from stuff like “Kiss me Aishiteru” and “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”.  Time will tell if it can grow on me and the solos were a nice incentive at heart, but I hope it won’t become a recurring theme.  “Ai wa Itsumo Itsumo” though was a pleasant surprise with it’s electro/dance arrangement and clear 180 different from Kimi wa Jitensha…  Hope this era is gonna get stronger.