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Morning Musume – Ren’ai Hunter April 10, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Ren’ai Hunter
  2. Watashi ga Ite Kimi ga Iru
  3. Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! MY DEAR FRIENDS~ (Risa Niigaki Commerative Edition only)
  4. Ren’ai Hunter (Instrumental)

1. Ren’ai Hunter

Oh Tsunku, it seems you have finally (sorta) caught with the times I guess.  What I mean is that Ren’ai Hunter has a little bit of dubstep in the music…not much but it’s definitely noticeable right from the start.  At least it’s as tasteful as it can get because I thought the rest of the song was pretty damn good!  I mean the line distribution is really only Reina, Gaki, Sayu, and Riho for all it’s worth, but they all sound really nice (sans Sayu since her auto-tuned line doesn’t count).  It’s got punch and makes up entirely for “Pyocopyoco Ultra” for sure!  Enjoyed this and sad that it’s Gaki’s and Mittsi’s final A-side T.T

2. Watashi ga Ite Kimi ga Iru

The B-side though sounds familiar to me like it sounds something more for Berryz Koubou or something.  It is a bit more youthful and cute which is a surprise for me and all of the members get lines once again like “Kanashimi Koi no Melody”.  I do like that but Reina seems to continue to power through the song for the most part.  I actually don’t find this song too special IMO and that guitar line almost sounds like a rip of “Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara”.  Prolly the weakest B-side since “Yamete yo! Sinbad”.

3. Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! MY DEAR FRIENDS~

I would’ve been more excited about this if it wasn’t the fact that Gaki already covered this and released it as part of her “Hello Cover” digital album last year.  As this is a song Gaki loves, her version of Ayaya’s (Aya Matsuura’s) Egao ni Namida is a lot more updated and a little more upbeat which is great!  Gaki’s voice sounds really pretty and she definitely did an amazing job here.



Gaki’s (and oddly enough) Aika’s final single was definitely a big jump after the rather awkward “Pyocopyoco Ultra”.  I felt Ren’ai Hunter was a cool song and showcased Reina, Gaki, and Riho to a great extent even though the other members didn’t do much.  At least they were more important in Watashi ga Ite Kimi ga Iru but sadly the song didn’t stand out beyond that.  At least it picks up with Risa’s solo track (even though I would’ve preferred an original song) Egao ni Namida was a solid cover.  After this single we’re down to 10 members…one can wonder what’ll happen next since our powerhouse singers are gone….maybe get Kanon and Masaki singing deeper better so they can be utilized better?