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Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 9, Kyuukie Membaaaaa! April 13, 2012

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This was actually a big audition for me because it was the first one I got to fully witness all of who were going for this new generation which would be the start of some bumpy roads ahead.  With the fact that they’re going from the longest and stable line-up to just Takitty, Gaki, Sayu, Reina, and Aika was a shock to most fans they needed some new life…oddly enough they did go a little too young so the gap of age between new and old was HUUUUUGE!.   Initially closing down to 5 ladies for the final round, Riho Sayashi, Erina Ikuta, Kanon Suzuki, Aina Otsuka, and Minami Mogi (the latter two would end up joining the Kenshuusei (the Egg program with a new name), it was chosed that Riho, Erina, and Kanon would pass as would a former egg, Mizuki Fukumura would join in ^_^  Let’s get to know these four a bit!

Riho Sayashi

  • Tenure: Maji Desu ka Ska! ———> Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi / ENDLESS SKY / One and Only (16 Singles + 3 Albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Reborn Eleven, Peaberry & Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: She’s a great dancer, but her vocals could use a bit more work!

When I paid attention to the auditions, everyone had their eyes glued to this girl because she was already so prepped from school and dance and having been a part of FASHIONABLE…it was pretty hard not to put a lot of liking to her.  Even I was impressed with her dancing skills but her vocals were a bit shouty.  Since joining Momosu, she has been getting a LOT more attention than the other Kyuukies in stuff like Only you and Ren’ai Hunter.  I do think other members deserve a little more time to shine like the other members (and Aika for god sakes, but she’s been out due to that leg so…eh).  She’s still an amazing dancer though so kudos for that.  As of recently, Riho has gotten a lot stronger, but she still has problems singing but hopefully they’ll figure it out easily.  Though she’s the first of her generation to graduate which is surprising as she’s the ace of the quartet here.

Erina Ikuta

  • Tenure: Maji Desu ka Ska! ———> ???
  • Signature Song in Momosu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Reborn Eleven, Harvest, HI-FIN & Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: Awkward, but she’s lovable in weird ways…

What to think about Erina huh.  She started out being VERY awkward and felt like she wasn’t taking a grasp at what she was diving into very well.  I mean she did modeling but that didn’t seem to work at first.  After getting through her first two singles, she suddenly got different (for me) right around the time she joined Oha Star.  Her vocals still remained underwhelming at times but getting better like in Otome no Timing but still has a cute voice to her.  However, her looks have been getting way better and the looks she gives in Ren’ai Hunter was nothing but badass (though she did that too in Only you).  To me, she’s like the ugly duckling that turned into a swan (though still awkward at times) XD.  She’s gotten a lot more prettier too like her in One Two Three.  She just looks epic!  Though the big change was that she changed colors to Gaki’s color (because she’s just that big of a fan).

Kanon Suzuki

  • Tenure: Maji Desu ka Ska! ———> Utakata Saturday Night! / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasumi (17 Singles + 3 Albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Oh my wish!
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Reborn Eleven & Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: Silly, Silly….though my favorite of this generation ^^

Of all the girls in the auditions, Kanon was definitely by far my favorite of the four.  She brought character to the group and her happy-go-lucky vibes and that award-winning smile always gets me in a good mood.  She’s like me, being weird and fascinated by different things and her bug interest…something you would NEVER see in an idol.  She is the girl that has the least experience and it shows like her dancing.  She could be a potential epic voice since she’s got a deep tone but she needs to learn control because the recent concert with the other H!P members was rough to say the least.  Still, she’s got a lot of potential!!!  Especially now, her vocals are even better than before and the lines she does get are quite strong as seen in Waratte! YOU.  Though it’s sad that she’s going to basically be the 2nd member of the 9-ki to graduate!

Mizuki Fukumura

  • Tenure: Maji Desu ka Ska! ———> ???
  • Signature Song in Momosu: None yet
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Shugo Chara Egg!, Reborn Eleven, and Mobekimasu
  • Overall Opinion?: She’s got a good voice and all…but I can never remember her voice for the life of me…and her personality doesn’t come out well.

I was surprised that Mizuki would be chosen as the fourth and final member (then again I think everyone was surprised she was chosen period since there was no mention of her auditioning prior).  I knew she did SCE! but even then Mizuki never stood out for me.  Her voice is pleasant (probably the most stable and single-ready of Kyuukies) but she’s forgettable.  I mean she was covered up by Sayu in Suki da na Kimi ga and her only song where she had long enough solos was in Moshimo… which was a collaboration with the cute voices in H!P (Momoko, Nakky, Dawa, and ManoEri).  She’s so tame and right now joins Riho in the not-so-much personality driven.  I want more of her to come out!  Luckily, she has stood out more in the group taking lines with Sayu and even being heard quite a lot in Pyocopyoco Ultra.  She’s still very quiet and doesn’t strive to stand out in the group, but she’s pretty and sings really nicely at least until Help me!! where all of a sudden this diva suddenly appears and just starts singing more and more!  Her personality is still in the works, but at least her vocal presence is known now ^_^



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  1. viyemellexdolcemelodies Says:

    Really great post! I think Renai Hunter really let all of the Kyuukies shine ❤

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