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What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 16 April 15, 2012

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Yup, new week!  Nothing big happening so let’s kind of just slide right in!

1. Nami Tamaki – Get Wild

The Song: Get Wild is Nami’s first single to represent her 3rd album, Speciality.  It’s also a cover song of the famous TM NETWORK song, just given a more dance-styled arrangement ^_^.

The Video: Nami’s PV for Get Wild is a lot like her other PV’s (at least during her SONY days.  I mean it’s a lot of choreography for the video and some close-up shots of the gal.  There are some interesting stuff though like the posing on the motorcycle and car…and cube effects…and that whole using technology to show yourself off.  Not the most amazing video she has but it fits the mood of the song.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Despite being one of Nami’s strongest songs and is in the leagues of her best covers, Get Wild is simple and catchy and I find myself liking it.  Fun song to listen to or exercise to lol.

2. Mandy Moore – Candy

The Song: This would be Mandy’s debut song of course she would debut during the days of bubblegum teen pop! 

The Video: Like most late 90’s and early 00’s, Candy was definitely girly and just very cutesy stuff.  Mostly in the case here it’s Mandy vying to get attention from her crush!  There are flirty scenes along with driving in a Bug and choreography in front of a diner (she’s not that great of a dancer though, not gonna lie).  Still it’s adorable though.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Candy is pretty much a song that I kind of love to be nostalgic to since I saw her when she was the guest performer for Backstreet Boys (back in the day) so hearing Candy then was pretty big for me.  Plus she has such good vocals back then and still to this day (despite leaving the bubblegum behind). 

3. Morning Musume – Manatsu no Kousen

The Song: Manatsu no Kousen is the 5th single released by the group and the first single after Asuka Fukuda’s graduation.  It’s also on Second Morning but remixed.

The Video: As it is their second PV that has a summer theme to it (the other being “Good Morning”), Manatsu no Kousen is pretty simple of a video with the girls either in a car driving or doing other summery things like posing on a beach, swimming, or just relaxing and there was that CGI bubble of water that had other scenes of the PV playing.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I know the song is a giant Nacchi fest so it is a little bit of a problem but at least the other girls are backing her up xD.  There’s something nostalgic though about the song that keeps me pulling back to it.  It’s a really comforting summer song to be honest.

4. Kylie Minogue – Secret (Take You Home)

The Song: Secret (Take You Home) is an album track from Body Language!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Kylie (well since her redebut in America and during those times with Fever and Body Language she was my bias (until J-pop started jumping in).  Secret isn’t my favorite from the album but it’s a very seductive and cool sounding track plus with her little rap bits, I was impressed by this song!

5. CHiAKi KURiYAMA – Ryuusei no Namida

The Song: Ryuusei no Namida is Chiaki’s debut and only song under the penname above.  Coming from being an actress to doing music is quite daunting and well there’s been others who haven’t got it right yet but Chiaki, I think is the closest. 

The Video: The PV for the song was and is just a lot of close-up shots (and a lot of awkward poses too XD) mixed with smoke effects to make it more cloudy?  Add in some mirror cuts and the lighting changing quite a bit and you get a nice (simple as hell) video.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, hate to say it but there are ballads that I do love and Ryuusei no Namida would be one of those songs.  I can admit Chiaki isn’t an amazing singer, but she sounds lovely in the song and I continue to wonder why it wasn’t added on CIRCUS both editions at that!  Still beautiful song!





Kalafina – to the beginning

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Track Listing

  1. to the beginning
  2. Manten
  3. to the beginning ~TV size~ (Fate/Zero 2nd Season Edition only)
  4. to the beginning ~instrumental~

1. to the beginning

Ahhh didn’t take them too long before Kalafina would return right,  I really love KEIKO’s deep vocals in the song but she always manages to pull me in.  Of course HIKARU has her parts while WAKANA seems to take more of a back-up role (essentially “Magia” but more KEIKO).  As for the song, it doesn’t seem to pull me in as hard as previous singles have and it does have a certain FictionJunction tone to it (minus the fact that it’s made by Kajiura) but it doesn’t sound like something Kalafina has really delved in.  It’s alright at the moment, but their last couple of singles do outweigh this one.

2. Manten

After my initial slight disappointment of the A-side, I came into Manten hoping for something interesting and well…it’s definitely interesting.  It folkish in presentation but a lot more dramatic which makes it pop out a whole lot more than “to the beginning”.  It kind of reminds me of “Eden” but without all that glitzy stuff.  It’s just the three ladies singing their hearts out and they kicked ass here. 



Kalafina kicks their 4th era out with well probably IMHO, their weakest A-side since “Hikari no Senritsu”.  There’s something about to the beginning that just doesn’t come out and captures my attention like the other amazing singles they’ve had.  At least we had Manten to fill that empty space.  That B-side was beautiful and just kicked a lot of ass.  Wish the leading song was a little stronger but this’ll do.


Minako Kotobuki – Kokoro Sky

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Track Listing

  1. Kokoro Sky
  2. Like a super woman
  3. Kokoro Sky (Instrumental)

1. Kokoro Sky

I was hoping that Minako would kick things up for Kokoro Sky and she kind of did.  However, the song has a very anime opening-like sound to it and it kind of depressed me.  It’s not a terrible song though and Minako sounds pretty good for the most part but I just felt it wasn’t really remarkable (in comparison to “Dear my…”).

2. Like a super woman

It seems that ever since Minako debuted, it always seem that her B-sides seem to impress me leagues more than the leading tracks and I don’t know why that is.  Like a super woman is pretty much more energetic and stronger to her pop/rock vibes than anything before and I’m really enjoying this side to her. 



Her 4th and possibly final single for the era, Kokoro Sky isn’t quite up to snuff to “Dear my…” in presentation but it doesn’t seem to find many faults to bring it down under the other singles. The leading song is a bit mundane for me and too “to the book” in anime openings which comes off as bland but she picked up with Like a super woman with much better energy and an overall fun feeling.  I know it won’t happen but I’d choose all 5 B-sides over the A-sides for the album lmao.