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Dream5 – Kirakira Every day April 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kirakira Every day
  2. Nichiyoubi
  3. Kirakira Every day (Tamagocchi ver.)
  4. Kirakira Every day (Instrumental)
  5. Nichiyoubi (Instrumental)
  6. Futari Dake no Nagareboshi (bonus track)

1. Kirakira Every day

I’ve gotten used to the fact that Dream5 have been always upbeat and genki but now they’re sugary cute with song which is a bit too much for me.  They sound lively though and the vocals are pretty strong even in the solos…it’s just sometimes I feel like they aren’t being original but it’s whatever…for being 4 ladies and a guy…it’s interesting haha.

2. Nichiyoubi

Whenever I hear the intro, I keep thinking of Berryz’ “Piriri to Yukou!” because it has that feel and the movement for some reason.  Plus the arrangement kind shares a bit with that song as well.  It feels like it goes on for too long though and I’m quickly forgetting it altogether.  It’s just somehow ehhh.

3. Futari Dake no Nagareboshi 

 Interesting that they’d have a bonus track on the single…Makes me wonder if this is a cover of something.  I do like how laidback it is compared to the previous two tracks since the main ladies sound quite sweet to listen to!  Now this is something I would love to hear more from Dream5 to be honest!



I still can’t really get myself into the group and I think they just don’t satisfy those idol needs like other groups do.  Kirakira Every day is cute and all but maybe a little too bland for my tastes and Nichiyoubi is just repetitive and not memorable at the least at least the bonus track seemed to try to fix things…but it wasn’t enough after the two other songs…I’m just not liking this single at all.


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