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ikimono-gakari – Haru Uta April 24, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Haru Uta
  2. Haru Uta -instrumental-

1. Haru Uta

Doesn’t feel like “NEWTRAL” has been out that long hahah…but ikimono continues to release those singles and Haru Uta might be just the only song on the release but it’s a pleasant song to listen to and fits the season of Spring very well.  A breezy arrangement and Kiyoe’s vocals just seem to make it a happy-go-lucky song.  It’s a nice song to smile to for sure.



Quickly getting into a new album era, Haru Uta is a bit unfortunate to be like “Kimi ga Iru” and “Arigatou” in the fact they have no B-sides to represent them either.  I will say this song has a lot charm going for it and I’m sure it’ll sell pretty well despite how empty the single really is.