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Tekken 3 April 25, 2012

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The Tekken series is one of Namco’s dearly beloved series and one of two HUGE fighting game series done by the company.  The Tekken series have spanned a long time with 6 true sequels, 2 Tag Tournaments and a lot of ports and handheld versions.  Tekken 3 is the most critically acclaimed games and sold a butt-ton during the haydays of the PS1.  It’s also a port itself from it’s Arcade release (which turns out that the PS1 title looked better and played better on the console (well there’s some arcade purists that think otherwise though XD).  Also, this version of Tekken 3 came with tons of different modes that the arcade didn’t feature making it a more filled out release as well!


The story of this game is a monster is reborn and goes on a rampage killing (supposedly) everyone in sight and our new protagonist Jin Kazama seeks revenge on it for killing his mother Jun Kazama (sounds familiar).  Also this is set 15 years after the events of Tekken 2 (OH HEY DIDN’T SOULCALIBUR V JUST DO THE SAME THING?).  Of course there’s other stories that go on with each of the characters…about characters….


Like I said, Tekken 3 is set 15 years after Tekken 2 so clearly there’s going to be a lot of changes…well there was and there wasn’t in a way.  While there were a bunch of new faces to be seen a lot of them were just updates/replacements for characters previous…it’s weird but interesting.  The only characters that did return were Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams, Paul Phoenix, King (though a new man under the mask), Lei Wulong, Kuma (who is a secret character), Anna Williams (who is a secret character), and Heihachi Mishima (who’s the sub-boss and secret character).

As for new characters I’ll talk about them a little bit ^_^

  • Jin Kazama – The new protagonist of the game who is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama (must’ve been some fierce ass sex…or possibly some kind of forced shindig…because who can see this happening?  It shows though since Jin’s fighting style is a mix of Kazuya’s and Jun’s.
  • Forrest Law – Marshall Law’s son…same fighting style and everything…doesn’t really become popular as a stand-alone so he only appeared here and Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • Xiaoyu Ling – The new youthful Chinese (but talking in Japanese) gal who’s motives are a bit childish but it works!  Very fast and has a lot of different positions for moves.
  • Eddy Gordo – The infamous Capoeira user!  Or Tekken players dub as button mashing friendly because of his very fluid moveset.  My favorite of the bunch!  He also has an alternate outfit but a character himself in Tiger Jackson.
  • Hwoarang – Jin’s rival makes his first appearance here and is a student of Baek Doo San’s…so it he shares a bit of Tae Kwon Do (but once again a little more youthful and dynamic).
  • Bryan Fury (secret character) – Of the new characters, he seemed to be made out of nowhere with little to no connections in Tekken 3 but somehow got a bit of Bruce Irvin’s moveset.
  • Panda (secret character) – Xiaoyu’s pet panda…but really was just a aesthetic change to Kuma (they both shared the same movesets and still do for the most part today >.>)
  • Julia Chang (secret character) – It turns out Julia is Michelle Chang’s adopted daughter so essentially she was the replacement for her. (funny that both her and Michelle were in TTT but no Marshall or Forrest) XDDDDD
  • Gun Jack (secret character) – Just an updated Jack-2 really though I’m not sure if he incorporated some moves from Prototype Jack. 
  • Mokujin (secret character) – Finally the series gets their random character selection IN a character.  Yup, Mokujin changes fighting styles each round and he’ll be anyone cept a couple few for obvious reasons.
  • Dr. Bosconovitch (secret character) – The Playstation version had two bonus characters added in for a little more completion and yays for the fans.  The first is actually someone rather important to the storyline because he’s been involved in a lot of characters’ stories like Yoshimitsu, Bryan, Nina, Anna, and Alisa that it’s hard not to say he’s important to the lore.  His fighting style is very bizarre because he does have a rather unfortunate minus.  He always falls like he’s dying and his moves are hard to pull off with this arrangement going on. 
  • Gon (secret character) – The other character only on the PS1 version is more of a guest character because he’s originally a character from a manga.  I mean animal characters aren’t new to the series so it’s not odd…but his obvious height issue and the fact every characters has a hard time because he has fireballs, gas attacks, and other nonsensical moves make him a cheap character too (and easy to get Dr. B with).
  • Ogre (secret character) – Ogre is the first form of the final boss of Tekken 3.  His moveset contains a lot of the missing characters in the game here so you’ll see moves from Kazuya, Lee, Wang, Kunimitsu, Bruce, and some others.  His true form, True Ogre is a lot more bulkier and has some moves of his own like breathing fire and such.


The stages are colorful and varied but they still haven’t totally gotten very realistic with them.  What I mean is that walls have still not been applied to the series (since I think it would’ve made the game even harder to deal with.  They are scroll stages (meaning, the stage does not end and it feels like you’re always going on in a circle.  Xiaoyu and Eddy’s stages are colorful and pleasant while Hwoarang’s is more traditional.  Ogre and Heihachi’s are tomb-like while playing as/or against True Ogre makes the stage go black…It’s a pretty impressive set of stages and beats Tekken 2’s outright.


The gameplay in Tekken 3 though was the winner though for sure.  Unlike Tekken 2, the series got a big change and with that the series became a WHOLE lot better for that.  The first introduction and probably MOST important is side-stepping.  I mean you can dodge attacks and do moves to punish them for it and the fact that the stage doesn’t really glitch out during this is impressive!  Also in Tekken 2, your jumping height was as ridiculous as Virtua Fighter….no one can jump that high and that was fixed in Tekken 3 for a more realistic approach and more moves being implemented into that.  All the characters have filled out movesets to also work with ^^.  I’m surprised they’ve stuck to the side-stepping for as long as they have (especially since the Soul series have been utilizing the more open 4-way run.  It’s just a pretty damn good game with deep gameplay that has only been getting better since this game.


  • Graphics: For the time this was released, this was pretty damn good and I still somehow like them today for its nostalgic value.  A lot of interesting hit effects and the powering up was awesome (each character had their own).  The backgrounds looked nice and spun around when places are changed and the camers focusing in on some attacks was a cool thing.  Even the replays were awesomes xD.  It was a little blocky, but it’s a PS1 game what can you do? 
  • Sound: The attacks sound great and the music while some were forgettable was a nuce buch of awesomes.  The voicing on some things were a little funky but still cool. 

Other Things, Modes, etc.

Like most other fighting games, it features a bunch of other modes to make it a better game.  Of course an Arcade mode (best place to unlock most of the characters), Versus, Time Attack, Survival, and Practice.  There were some interesting other things

  • Team Battle – Even though there wasn’t 2 on 2 (that’s the next game, Tekken Tag Tournament) but the best is have battles with any number amount (well up to 8) and then just battle it out.  You can even make it random so you don’t know who’s butt ur kicking with a character you don’t know until then…I love it and I wish they keep this!
  • Tekken Force – If you like stuff like TMNT, Final Fight, or even Double Dragon…this might intrigue you but this pits you in four stages in bouts with the Tekken Force (your opponents) and you can choose your favorite fighter to make it through them all (though you have to play it four times to get Dr. Bosconovitch).  IMO I didn’t like it and it was hard especially not being able to freely move since everytime you wanted a different direction you end up jumping or sidestepping…meh.  *whispers* use Gon, he’s great for this!
  • Tekken Ball – Weirdest mode of the game was this little side game of volleyball…but not really.  The point of it is to still defeat your opponent but it’s hitting the volleyball with powerful attacks…the stronger the more damage.  There’s some other odd nuances about it like the UBER powerful moves and performing a throw on the ball…which makes things weirder xD.  I love it and surprised it has never returned!
  • Theater: Kind of a staple to the series, the Theater mode lets you watch all the character endings (well you have to beat the game with every characterin Arcade mode to have all the endings.  Also you can watch the intro and listen to music from the game.  HOWEVER, if you have saves from both Tekken and Tekken 2, the movies and music from that game also show up too. 




Tekken 3 is definitely my second favorite Tekken (the other one I’ll review eventually).  It just felt so good playing this on the Playstation and having feel and sound and overall as a package be better than its Arcade version is amazing.  Now people seem to bitch about SCV taking that time hop, but Tekken 3 also did it but this became huge so I wonder why else the game failed (well…ok the story sucked but still).  It’s weird because all we really figure out is that Jin turns into Devil Jin for the first time and Ogre/True Ogre gets owned…so this game’s storyline also kind of felt less important than say Tekken 4 to 6.  Still a great game!


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