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U-KISS – DORADORA April 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. 4U (For You)
  3. Sarangi Meomchul Ttae
  6. DORADORA (Instrumental)


As the leading song for the mini, U-KISS opens with DORADORA doesn’t carry the light like “NEVERLAND” or other leading songs have which isn’t a safe thing to say because anything else is kind of meh (even their K-pop ballads).  It’s not bad but compared to recent boybands releasing this year, this is pretty underwhelming and doesn’t show the true colors of U-KISS very well.  At least the members sound pleasant enough…it’s just not great.

2. 4U (For You)

If the Koreans wanted something that sounds a little like the poppy stuff from “A Shared Dream”, this is the closest you’ll get with this song which is pretty funny to hear.  The rappers do sound odd in this setting (especially Dongho) but this song is more for the singers who currently escape my mind as to who’s leading.  The synthed up arrangement is nice but it lacks energy for me which I didn’t mention was also missing in “DORADORA” for the most part.

3. Sarangi Meomchul Ttae

Of course one of the songs had to be a ballad right?  I mean we had “0330” and “A Shared Dream” previous (at least as far as I went back) so of course I had hopes that it wasn’t going to bland but once again it seems this ballad is a lot of Kevin, Hoon, and Soohyun.  I’m sure some of the other members got a line or two but it also bored me to death XD.  This might make people swoon, it’s just personal preference that I’m just not into it much.


AJ actually penned the next song and honestly is the only saving grace this mini-album has pretty much.  It’s definitely in the realm of U-KISS’ more danceable tracks and they sound really good…though I get Block B vibes in the song but I’m sure that’ll pass.  Of course Kevin and Soohyun lead the chorus, but it’s so catchy and the hooks are all over the place here ^_^.  This should’ve been promoting the mini…not “DORADORA”.


If the title looks familiar, then it should because it’s a Korean version of “Tick Tack”, the group’s Japanese debut track.  I was kind of excited at first becuase I was gonna hear awesomeness being done in Korean.  Sadly what I wasn’t expecting was that most of the song’s lyrics have been replaced (including most of the English stuff!).  I mean the original in the chorus was like ~Tonight, I shall be singing for you through the night, Tonight, I shall be turning on the broken light~…….BUT NOW IT’S ALL LIKE ~Tonight, we’re gonna party like we’re out of time, Tonight, we’ll live it up under the city lights~…Honestly, it just doesn’t work and the whole identity of the song is lost to this predictable K-pop mess of just “having fun”…I was SORELY disappointed in them for even agreeing to change the English lyrics out…like WTF.



WOW, U-KISS continuing to disappoint me here.  Besides AMAZING, DORADORA was just unacceptable for me.  The leading song feels so bland when compared to their previous stuff like “Shut Up!” and “Man Man Ha Ni” and even “NEVERLAND”.  The rest of the mini was just as bland and forgetful (even though the vocals are nice still so they get points on that) but the worst was TICK TOCK….just shouldn’t have happened…WHY U-KISS WHY MUST U DISAPPOINT!!!!!


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