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Piko – Emi’iro Refrain April 26, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Emi’iro Refrain
  2. Hysteric rain
  3. Ama no Jaku
  4. Emi’iro Refrain (PikoLess Version)
  5. Hysteric rain (PikoLess Version)
  6. Ama no Jaku (PikoLess Version)

1. Emi’iro Refrain

I’m still trying to find my footing to like Piko’s music but it’s so hard sometimes with his vocals or bland style.  Emi’iro Refrain is unusual to me but at least it’s a change from the previous singles.  It’s light and a bit more anime-like against the others.  It’s interesting not gonna lie, but I’m still kind of on the fence with Piko’s vocals himself.  He doesn’t sound very enthusiastic in places like the chorus…but sounds much better in the verses.  Unusual A-side but nice that he at least stepped out of his confort zone.

2. Hysteric rain

A little more spice thrown in and we get Hysteric rain which is a tad more like his previous works to be honest.  A lot more guitars and dramatics included and also some squeaking from Piko.  Beyond that, this song is kind of plain but at least Piko tries to make the song exciting so it’s not too bad in the long run…good track.

3. Ama no Jaku

The other B-side, Ama no Jaku kind of goes back to his first couple of singles with a bit more of an edgier and funky style.  Piko isn’t doing much in vocal aerials but he’s good and straightforward and the song sounds a lot better than I would’ve expected.  I put it as better than the previous song lol.



It seems like it’s the final single before Piko releases his major label sophomore album in May.  Emi’iro Refrain is a pretty nice change after the very bland and poorly registered “Yume Hana”.  I love that this A-side doesn’t sound like ANYTHING previous (A-side wise) and it turned out nice.  Hysteric rain was a little bit bleh but it’s not bad and is growing on me as we speak and well Ama no Jaku was pretty good all around…I’m a little curious about the album now…


One Response to “Piko – Emi’iro Refrain”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    It;s been a month since his album was out 😐

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