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Tomato n’ Pine – Tabidachi Transfer May 2, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Tabidachi Transfer
  2. 10gatsu no Indian
  3. Life is so beautiful
  4. Captain wa Kimi da! (dancefloor will never die remix)
  5. Tabidachi Transfer -Instrumental-
  6. 10gatsu no Indian -Instrumental-
  7. Life is so beautiful -Instrumental-

1. Tabidachi Transfer

Tomapai’s first major single, Tabidachi Transfer is kind of cool and at the same time a little unoriginal but not to the point of badness.  It does feel like it needs to be done at a faster speed but I like the sort-of synth-based sound here.  It doesn’t feel like there’s much in solo lines in the song either but it’s cute and a good place to start.

2. 10gatsu no Indian

The next track is quite something but also like “Tabidachi Transfer” still a song that’s too to the books.  I like the island-y intro for sure but after that and the trio starts to sing, it gets rather typical sounding and the chorus doesn’t cure the rather boring feel the track has. 

3. Life is so beautiful

The next song is interesting because I wonder if it’s an update on “Life is beautiful” which was when Tomapai was merely just Jun and YUI.  So I’m guessing this is an update since YUI, HINA, and WADA are singing this song.  To be frank, it sounds a bit like “Tabidachi Transfer” but a bit more cuter.  It’s still feels like it shouldn’t be as slow as it is but I like the vocals for the song (despite that I hear one girl more prominently than the others).  It’s not bad and I do think it’s the best of the main three songs.

4. Captain wa Kimi da! (dancefloor will never die remix)

Last but not least, Captain wa Kimi da! got a remix.  Since it was their first A-side (though merely an indies release) the remix is kind of giving this chill pop sound (given I haven’t listened to the original so unsure how different it is).  The vocals though are so quiet against the music for some reason and it was hard to hear what the ladies were saying.  The chorus is better…but damn work on leveling the verses so that the voices are heard better!



Tomapai’s first major label single, is a good start for the group (who hasn’t been together as a trio for too long) so they’re getting their stepping down.  Tabidachi Transfer and Life is so beautiful sound very similar to one another but it’s pleasant enough to not be terrible.  10gatsu no Indian isn’t great and the remix for Captain wa Kimi da! weren’t all that great…Like I said, stepping stone of a single.


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