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Daichi Miura – Two Hearts May 3, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Two Hearts
  2. Burning Weakness
  3. True Colors -live recording-

1. Two Hearts

I shouldn’t be surprised that Daichi would begin a new string of singles starting with a ballad with Two Hearts.  I like how heartfelt the song sounds but it could be any of the slower songs from “D.M.” for all I care which is a little meh for me.  I like his vocals a lot but the song doesn’t really resonate with me.

2. Burning Weakness

At first I was surprised Burning Weakness was also another ballad which is a little eh for me…but there’s beats in it to make it sound more like an R&B song which is a step up for me.  I like the depressing vibes of the song quite a bit and Daichi sounds great here.  I wonder why this wasn’t the lead song to be honest, it has more variation and color whereas “Two Hearts” lack interest for me.

3. True Colors -live recording-

The third song is a live cover of a Cyndi Lauper tune (why do the Japanese cover her sooo much?).  It’s definitely a live take with just acoustic guitar as the only melodic component of the song.  Daichi sounds nice at times but others, his accents does flash across.  Otherwise it’s a nice little extra for the single.



Daichi Miura is back to do doing some ballads for A-sides and Two Hearts might be his weakest one yet.  I don’t know why but I can’t seem to connect to it.  Burning Weakness though would’ve been great as the leading song because it’s the best the single has to offer.  The True Colors cover is in the middle since it was nice but nothing repeatable (at least to me)…hope he kicks it up on the next single!


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