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Dream5 – I★my★me★mine/EZ DO DANCE May 3, 2012

Filed under: Dream5 — solarblade @ 7:48 pm

Track Listing

  1. I★my★me★mine
  3.  I★my★me★mine (Daisuki Ver.)
  4. Dream5 Gakuen Gakkou Seikatsu Drama~Seitokai Member to Arai Sensei
  5.  I★my★me★mine <instrumental>
  6. EZ DO DANCE <instrumental>

1. I★my★me★mine

Oh darn, I thought Dream5 was covering POLYSICS or 4minute…but it’s the only original track on the single.  It continues by bringing us Dream5’s idol pop to a forefront and once again, it doesn’t seem to be really all that interesting to me but I thought the chorus is kind of cute in a way.  It just kind of falls flat altogether like how “Kirakira Every day” turned out.


It’s not surprising they’d do another cover and this time one most people recognize.  EZ DO DANCE is originally a tune from TRF so it fits since they’re both avex groups and all that.  Of course I’m so used to Saori’s version that every other cover is deemed useless right from the start.  Dream5’s version of the song is a little more faithful to the original since you hear those 90’s synths being used.  I kind of enjoyed the vocals a lot more than I did in the other song for sure.  This isn’t that bad but still is a mile away from being as good as Saori@destiny’s version.



As this is Dream5’s third single for the era, I found myself enjoying this single a little bit more than I did with “Kirakira Every day” but being a little under “Like and Peace!”.  I★my★me★mine is alright, but against other idol songs out there, this was a bit fomulaic and not surprising in any way, shape, or form but it’s still average so it’s not too much of a fail.  Their EZ DO DANCE cover isn’t bad at all either and surpasses the other A-side quite nicely.  For being just a TRF cover, I thought they handled it pretty good actually.  I wonder if an album is being planned >.>


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