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SID – S May 13, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. S
  2. Rainy Day
  3. Utahime (Live from “3.16 SHOOTING LIVE”)

1. S

After all my complaining so far in this era, S totally blew me away with it’s edgier atmosphere and risky nature which is something I’ve been craving since “Ranbu no Melody”.  The arrangement does have a certain UVERworld qualiy that I enjoy but with Mao’s vocals which are quite expressive and strong to listen to.  Definitely one of my favorites from SID yet!

2. Rainy Day

The B-side is more or less something they’ve been doing for A-sides since the end of the “dead stock” era ended.  It’s a lot lighter of course and has more of a laidback setting compared to “S”.  Sadly since it kind of does follow in the reins of “Nokoriga” it’s kind of boring for me and lacks colors where the A-side had so much of.

3. Utahime (Live from “3.16 SHOOTING LIVE”)

From the “sleep” single, Utahime always stood out to me as a fun song to perform and it carried over to its live version.  They sound great live and they purely sound like they were having fun performing this tune.  Not much more to say though but it’s a solid live.



After being so ehhh for a while, it was great to see SID burst the door down with S (funny though how it was only released about a week after “Nokoriga”).  S was just badass and is right now the best this current era has for them (not counting B-sides).  However, the fact the A-side ended up so good didn’t really lend itself to its B-side in Rainy Day which is kind of more of the same from SID that they’ve been releasing in recent days.  The live version of Utahime was good however…so overall it was a good single ^_^.


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