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Kaela Kimura – Mamireru May 16, 2012

Filed under: Kaela Kimura — solarblade @ 6:49 am

Track Listing

  1. Mamireru
  2. BMX
  3. Mamireru (instrumental)
  4. BMX (instrumental)

1. Mamireru

Kaela just loves to have fun with her music and it shows with Mamireru (look at that cover!).  It’s catchy and has an interesting synth-pop flavor to it which is surprisingly nice to listen to.  It mixes a little of her rock stuff too but not that much XD.  There’s a bit of an unusual feel to it which is normal in her music…but there’s more weirdness to it…I’m kind of unsure how to feel for it…at least it’s catchy…lyrically?

2. BMX

The B-sides seems to be more of my style since it’s less strange and easier to enjoy at first listen.  It reminds me of stuff from her last album with the pop/rock feel it has.  I don’t think it’s as memorable as a couple of her last songs have been and certainly has a B-side feel…so it’s just there…



After “8EIGHT8”, Kaela returns with Mamireru and there’s just something about it that I can’t really get into…it might be the bonkers arrangement or how she treated it but it’s no “Ring a Ding Dong” or “8EIGHT8”.  BMX is just merely OK…nothing too spectacular…hope the next single is better!


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