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Aki Toyosaki – Shirotsumekusa May 24, 2012

Filed under: Aki Toyosaki — solarblade @ 11:13 pm

Track Listing

  1. Shirotsumekusa
  2. Ringo no Sei
  3. Shirotsumekusa (Instrumental)

1. Shirotsumekusa

Poor Aki, still getting the cute songs of the sphere girls that do solo work.  Shirotsumekusa sounds like something that belong in her debut era because it’s kind of homely and cute at the same time.  It’s soft and has a bit of charm going for it, but I rather listen to “music” because it was more fun and a lot more memorable to be honest.

2. Ringo no Sei

At least the fun side comes out in Ringo no Sei and I love that intro to the song.  I’m rather perplexed at why Aki is singing in such a cutesy and pitchy tone for this song because it feels like she’s just trying to be a seiyuu more than ever!  Yes, her voice is quite the reason that I can’t listen to this much either.



After “music” I had hoped she found her style and she still has because the arrangements for both tracks are really nice.  HOWEVER, her voice is just a little underwhelming because she’s taking it to an overly cute place even though she shouldn’t.  I wish she didn’t sing the way she does but whatever…maybe she’ll do something in the future.


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