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Annabel – Above your hand May 30, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Above your hand
  2. blind hunger
  3. Above your hand (Instrumental)
  4. blind hunger (Instrumental)

1. Above your hand

I know I ever really got into “anamnesis” and all that but Above your hand once again finds itself going the ballad route and all.  Personally, I find that having just an acoustic guitar as the base of the song is just a little more than underwhelming.  The nice thing is that backup vocals are present and gives this cold, wintry feel…but when they aren’t there, the song is quite lifeless and just screams for something more.  At least at the halfway point, the song gains drums and the action sounds a LOT better than before.  SLOW start but once you get half-way it becomes quite good…odd song.

2. blind hunger

The B-side is kind of funky and kind of goes back to her “noctiluca” mini since it’s pretty different but at the same time quite unique for her.  I feel like the song has a lot of interesting moves and the chorus is pretty friggin sweet to listen to.  There’s a lot of piano here which is cool, but it’s like erratic and doesn’t have a solid melody so it just kind of plays lazily along (I guess that’s the term I could use).  Still pretty cool track!



Annabel’s third/fifth? who knows what number single this might be, Above your hand actually is a bit better than “anamnesis” just simply because both songs so com off as pretty good.  blind hunger is definitely a great B-side to listen to since it’s unique and random to listen to.  The leading track though does start off on a boring foot…but gradually gets better in time.  Where’s Annabel’s first album? XD