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Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke! May 31, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!
  2. Kimi wa Kangaeru
  3. Heso ga Magaru (Regular only)
  4. Shimai Donburi (Limited A only)
  5. Ren’ai Heavy Kyu Champion (Limited B only)
  6. Nante Suteki na Ahiru no Boat (Limited C only)
  7. Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke! (Instrumental)
  8. Kimi wa Kangaeru (Instrumental)
  9. Heso ga Magaru (Instrumental)
  10. Shimai Donburi (Instrumental)
  11. Ren’ai Heavy Kyu Champion (Instrumental)
  12. Nante Suteki na Ahiru no Boat (Instrumental)

1. Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!

I found it interesting that they chose Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke! as the A-side because it was released as a digital single (though the song was a theater edition) back in April.  The song is pretty cute and upbeat but there’s a lot of Mayuyu present which I kind of just bleh at this point.  I think “Kibou Sanmyaku” is a lot better. 

2. Kimi wa Kangaeru

The B-side found on all editions (except the Regular), Kimi wa Kangaeru kinds of runs the curse of the ___48 groups with a song that just sounds bland and very cheesy.  I hear more girls singing which is pretty awesome but this song sounds like some summer-themed song (“Ponytail to Chouchou” runs this first).  Just very uneventful of a song tbh.

3. Heso ga Magaru

The regular edition of the single gets one B-side and it’s a solo from Aika Oota.  The intro of Heso ga Magaru kind of reminded me of RAINBOW’s “A” with the brass and kind of push.  Aika’s vocals aren’t very strong and probably auto-tuned (a little bit) but the song is kind of cool but lacking that oomph. 

4. Shimai Donburi

The rest of the singles (minus regular) contains a second B-side but the group is split up into smaller ones for them (but Mayuyu is in all three groupings >.>).  Shimai Donburi has Mayuyu and Kazumi Urano (the new member since Natsumi got kicked out after a scandal).  Their song is riding more along the lines of cute like the A-side but a little more friendly towards an anime sound.  Mayu’s vocals are cute but I’m not sure how to feel about Kazumi’s…the song though feels so anticlimatic with the chorus…it’s just like a boner kill XD.  Just like “Heso ga Magaru”, it’s missing oomph as well.

5. Ren’ai Heavy Kyu Champion

The next track (split between Mayuyu, Haruka, Misaki, and Ayaka) it’s also cute, but this one has a little something going for it and the song isn’t missing anything from being bad.  These four sound great together even though I hear a lot of Mayu once again.  I do love the splashes of ethnic color in the song, but still retains that AKB sound…not bad.

6. Nante Suteki na Ahiru no Boat

Finally, Mayuyu joins with Aika and Mika and at first, I was enjoying the intro because I thought it was going to be a synth-fest, but not in the way that it turned out.  It has a certain 80’s flair that I enjoyed about it and it seems line distribution is a bit more open.  I wish there was more bass behind it but this wasn’t bad either.



WH7 went through some changes in between this single and their last, “Kibou Sanmyaku”.  Well notice that Natsumi Hirajima had to leave the group because of a scandal (she left the whole AKB family too!).  Then it was announced that Kazumi Urano replaced her but she’s a temporary member it seems.  To the single at hand, Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke! isn’t that great.  Most of the single’s problems are they lack punch and there’s just too much Mayuyu…She’s got a solo career, so let the other members shine DAMNIT!!!!


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