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girl next door – signal June 1, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. signal
  2. Precious Friend
  3. Dada Para!! (JAPANATION Remix) (CD only)
  4. signal (Instrumental)
  5. Precious Friend (Instrumental)

1. signal

For the first time they actually got someone else to produce a song for them!  Though the choice isn’t very far from what we’re used to, we get Mitsuru Igarashi (ex-ELT member) behind the song.  I mean already it sounds pretty different, but it definitely feels like the song was used in the 90’s since it sounds like an opening to something like old GUNDAM or the like.  CHISA isn’t sounding bad to be quite honest, a lot less screamy which is good!  After a while, it does kind of become bland, but it’s the first step for them to get away from their sameish styles they’ve done for 4 albums straight.

2. Precious Friend

Originally was the A-side, but for some reason, the idea changed, Precious Friend is more of what we’ve come to expect from the trio.  I mean jeeze, you might as well have found it on “Agaruneku!” or “Destination”.  I just find it pretty much bland and kind of forgetful of a song.  If anything, it reminds me of “Shiawase no Jouken”.  People might like this song actually…but I think this has to grow on me.

3. Dada Para!! (JAPANATION Remix)

On the CD only we get a remix of Dada Para!! and what could you really do with it after how amazing the original is?  The remix does sound a bit more Westernized which is a pretty good start for them, but the remix overall doesn’t really build on it since CHISA’s lines are not fitting with the arrangement very well.



I mean with rumors once again that gnd would break up being defunct again, we begin anew with the first single of the era with signal.  I love the fact that it’s a new change for them because of a new producer and all.  It’s still kind of bland but at least there’s something fresh.  Precious Friend is alright but a little bland as well because there’s so many other songs like that and the remix of Dada Para!! is just a little uneventful for me.  I hope they get better!


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