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Miliyah Kato – AIAIAI June 8, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Doukoku
  3. Yuushatachi (T.O.M. REMIX)
  4. AIAIAI (Instrumental)


I’m not sure what to think about AIAIAI because it’s definitely nothing she’s used to releasing really (then again this era has been weird).  I do like Miliyah’s deeper vocals she using in the song but I’m not sure what to classify the song as since it’s between rock, R&B, and pop.  She does growl a little bit and that’s cool.  Otherwise the song kind of comes off as just a little weird even for her…it’s missing something to glue the song better because I feel like it just doesn’t work with her at all.

2. Doukoku

The B-side for the single kind of strikes me as weird as well because it seems they boosted the synths and guitarwork for this song and I’m kind of just surprised.  I liked it when they were in the foreground and Miliyah wasn’t doing anything but once she comes in, the song just kind of loses that fire.  The chorus is quite underwhelming as well…not enough BOOM to let it leave a mark.  I guess a good thing is that it’s better than “AIAIAI”, but not by much.

3. Yuushatachi (T.O.M. REMIX)

I loved the remix T.O.M. did for “RAINBOW” so I was expecting the remix for Yuushatachi to be quite as good and I kind of do like it.  It’s better than either of the other songs on the single.  Yuushatachi has gotten dropped in some tradional Japanese goop and it came out slick and smooth and works even better than the original version of the song.  It’s just smooth R&B all the way through…no awkwardness to be had!



Ever since the “HEAVEN” era ended, Miliyah has just been having a hard time leaving a mark on me.  Her A-sides from “Yuushatachi” to now have been less than appealing just simply because she’s experimenting with guitars and R&B…it doesn’t work for her and all it does is just creates weird messes.  AIAIAI amd Doukoku both fail on that aspect because neither song is that memorable or even that great TBH.  The only redeeming quality the single has is the Yuushatachi remix…then again anything is better than the original.


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