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2PM – Beautiful June 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Beautiful
  2. Kimi ga Ireba
  3. Beautiful (Aqua blu mix) (CD only)
  4. Beautiful (without main vocal)
  5. Kimi ga Ireba (without main vocal)

1. Beautiful

Since the group is considered the upbeat group compared to their brother group 2AM, I’m not surprised I’m more interested in this group.  Beautiful keeps up with it’s dance style that the group has had since the beginning and that’s great to hear it.  It isn’t as forward as “Ultra Lover” was but it’s got good flow and the synths are pretty interesting.  Sometimes I get MBLAQ vibes from the song but it’s still a solid song and all the members sound smooth like velvet in the tune.

2. Kimi ga Ireba

The B-side is probably the nearest I’ve heard that sounds similar to “Take off” since it has breezy synths mixed with piano chords all over.  It’s really pleasant and add the dance beats and it’s so smooth and just flows like the wind for me.  I’m surprised to hear a lot of the guys are singing in a higher pitch which is cool to witness lol.  Really good song but then once it’s over, I feel like it’s too short…still REALLY good B-side from them!

3. Beautiful (Aqua blu mix)

The remix of Beautiful (found only on the CD only) is a bit more dance-friendly but kind of not much of a big change at all really.  I mean it sounds a bit more basic than the original which is kind of weird.  Like this was the original idea before the piano and the deeper synths made the decision changed.  I can’t describe that very well, but it just sounds like it would’ve been the original…since it sounds like it’d be perfect on their Korean releases or on “REPUBLIC OF 2PM”.  It’s a really good remix oddly enough.  Fits the atmosphere quite nice…and the rapping worked ^_^



2PM begins a new era with a pretty good single in Beautiful.  Since now I know that 2PM is mostly a group that does upbeat stuff, they kind of blended well with what they have in the leading track.  Oddly enough though, I prefer Kimi ga Ireba since it’s really light and flows a lot better than I thought it would but it is short.  The remix also was nice and accentuates the original’s lack of heavy beats.  Good single!


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