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Ayahi Takagaki – Tsuki no Namida June 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Tsuki no Namida
  2. Namonai Hana
  3. Think of Me

1. Tsuki no Namida

I love the fact that Tsuki no Namida begun with shimasen and has this traditional folkish feel to it.  It was almost as if Ayahi wanted the song to come off as enka-ish because I get that feeling as well.  It was easy for her to tackle it because her voice is pretty amazing and she sung strongly ^_^.  It’s definitely a moving ballad for her and something you wouldn’t expect her to pull off (especially after “Meteor Light”).

2. Namonai Hana

So is the single traditionally Japanese overall?  I’m curious because Namonai Hana begins with shakuhachi instead and even has more of a feel of the old days.  Ayahi’s vocals are really nice once again but when I listen to the song I feel like it could’ve been sung better if it was alan at the reins.  It’s a pretty sounding tune and a lot more original sounding than “Tsuki no Namida”.

3. Think of Me

As the cover song of the single, Think of Me is pretty and unlike the previous two tracks has more of a flowing orchestral feel rather than one of traditional sounds.  Also, Ayahi is singing in her operatic tone and dramatic voice which is her best tone.  I feel like this song is related to Disney…but I’m not sure.  By the way, the song is sung in English and Ayahi did really well even though she slips up a couple times.  Seriously a pretty song though.



I’m kind of surprised that Ayahi would release a traditional themed single in Tsuki no Namida and its B-side in Namonai Hana.  They both sound real pleasant and worked well with her vocals.  A bit surprising since her last A-side was the energetic anisong, “Meteor Light”.  I found also that Think of Me was really good and made me love her dramatic opera tones.  She should utilize that more in her main stuff and not the cover songs.  Still, five singles and no album announced yet?  JEEZE!


2 Responses to “Ayahi Takagaki – Tsuki no Namida”

  1. zhaohan Says:

    3rd track’s from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

  2. Ted Says:

    What about her mini-album, ‘melodia’?(even if of the 7 songs, 3 were 2nd b-sides)

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