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JUJU – Tadaima June 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Tadaima
  2. Hana ga Meguru Tokoro e
  3. Natsu no Hana -Touch of Jazz Version-
  4. Tadaima (Instrumental)

1. Tadaima

I know I may be cynical for saying this, but can we have something different JUJU?  I know you’re more than capable of releasing upbeat stuff like “Sayonara wo Kawari ni”.  Tadaima is more of a mid-tempo track and has more movement than “sign” did which is good but I kind of find myself struggling to be interested in the song because it’s more or less what we’ve been getting from JUJU for a while.  I still do enjoy her vocals a lot and the melody is a little memorable but I just want something different from her for an A-side.

2. Hana ga Meguru Tokoro e

The next track though is more of a song that probably should’ve been on “YOU” for some reason because it has that piano + strings arrangement that seems to be her forte.  Sadly, the song goes into bore mode for me quite quickly just like “YOU” did.  I mean it has a little nostalgia in it but at the same time, the song just moves a bit too slow.  At least JUJU’s vocals are quite strong and left a nice mark on a rather boring song.

3. Natsu no Hana -Touch of Jazz Version-

JUJU’s 4th A-side gets touched up in a new version for the single.  I never heard Natsu no Hana so I can’t really compare the differences but I’m going to say it’s more jazzier than the original LOL.  It’s mostly just piano, strings, and light percussion.  Once again, I kind of fall into a lull just listening to the song so I kind of zone it out.  I thought there’d be more to like “Lullaby of Birdland’s” arrangement but this is too bare-boned.



I keep going back and forth between liking the hell out of JUJU and just being unimpressed.  Tadaima is oddly enough has the least amount of faults in it because it’s lively but it’s a little plain at the same time.  Sadly, Hana ga Meguru Tokoro e and the updated take on Natsu no Hana were just BORING.  I just couldn’t listen to them back to back since they just did nothing for me.  I just hope she does something exciting next >.>


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