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BREAKERZ – Overwrite/Nounai Survivor June 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Overwrite
  2. Nounai Survivor
  3. EMILY ~Acoustic Version~
  4. Miss Mystery ~”Meitantei Conan” TV size~ (Regular only)

1. Overwrite

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a light BREAKERZ track be an A-side, “Hikari” I think?  Overwrite is a pleasant tune from them and I like hearing DAIGO and Akihide throughout the song.  It’s a moving track since I also hear strings playing a major role as well behind the trio’s playing and singing.  It’s quite a dramatic tune especially DAIGO’s vocals in the choruses.  It’s a really good song overall and brought many good things.  They should do more of these kind of songs more often.

2. Nounai Survivor

If you liked “GRAND FINALE”, then you found your song in the other A-side of the single.  Nounai Survivor is energetic but also has a certain anime-esque feeling like SPYAIR.  It’s energetic but I felt DAIGO gave a stronger performance in “Overwrite”.  However, I liked the energy overall and the guitar solos as well.  It’s a solid rock track from the trio, but they do have more explosive songs that are styled like this as well.

3. EMILY ~Acoustic Version~

Originally from the trio’s second album. “CRASH & BUILD”.  EMILY is the fourth song from that album that gets the acoustic treatment on a single.  I never heard the original of course so no comparisons.  This version of it though is kind of creepy in a way but also nice to listen to.  Very simplistic and light before it gets into a more up-tempo fashion and I’m kind of impressed at both the guitarists and DAIGO’s vocal performance.  Edgy, creepy, and strong…this is probably their best acoustic version track yet.  Though it’s hard not to chuckle at ~emiriiiiiiieeeee~



Second single in and I kind of like this single more than “Miss Mystery”.  I like their rock ballads and Overwrite is nothing different and I enjoyed DAIGO’s dramatic sound against the arrangement of the tune…so epic.  Nounai Survivor reminds me of “GRAND FINALE” but not as awesome if that makes sense.  Still a good song overall.  However, the single once again won because of its acoustic rendition of EMILY.  It was short but still powerful!  Let’s keep the ball rolling!


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