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PASSPO☆ – Next Flight June 28, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Next Flight
  2. Bathtub
  3. Pock☆Star (CD+Individual Handshake Event only)
  4. Next Flight (Instrumental)
  5. Bathtub (Instrumental)
  6. Pock☆Star (Instrumental)

1. Next Flight

Since the group is going on a set of themed singles, it was pretty cool that they chose metal for their first of these singles.  Next Flight is not hard death, but it’s edgy and the girls get solos and they sound really good!  I just loved the energy and force behind it and kind of stands out from previous PASSPO efforts.

2. Bathtub

Strange title aside, Bathtub is a bit more towards what I’m used to by the group which is good and bad in ways.  I mean it’s lighter than “Next Flight” and all that but the vocals still sound quite strong and together.  It does seem to lack what the A-side and that’s energy.  Still a lot better than stuff on their last album.

3. Pock☆Star

Fitting in quite nicely with the theme of the single, Pock☆Star fits as the more genki track since there’s a lot of chanting as well as which is pretty cool to hear.  Sadly, the song is kind of otherwise there for the arrangement which is rockin’ and awesome.  Kind of forgetful though.



PASSPO☆ is definitely quite something now after this single.  Next Flight is probably the best surprise I’ve gotten all year.  It’s so badass and quite unexpected for an idol group!  I mean American rock stars? La Metal?  Count me in!  Bathtub and Pock☆Star though are more of what I came to expect from them.  I wonder what their next theme might be


One Response to “PASSPO☆ – Next Flight”

  1. viyemellexdolcemelodies Says:

    Really loved Next Flight as well. Great instrumental too ❤ Nice review!

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