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Kaya – SALOME July 2, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Prologue -La pleine lune-
  3. Babylon
  4. Epilogue -Babylonia-

1. Prologue -La pleine lune-

Singles with introductions?  I really don’t know why but there is one of these here.  La pleine lune is kind of dark and forboding.  Some weird synths and heavily filtered vocals with some strange guitar playing broken chords.  Strange way to open the single but it moves into “SALOME” easily though.


Since the full single hasn’t come out, we got SALOME (our lead track!).  The song is so much better than “Vampire Requiem” that it’s not even funny to me.  I mean we’re back with Kaya’s mysterious and deep vocals and his goth-trance that I love to death from him.  It really does have that edgy atmosphere down and it’s crazy and powerful at the same time.  This is probably Kaya’s best A-side in a LONG time!

3. Babylon

The other song of the single, Babylon is a bit more darkwave-based which is cool to hear as well.  It kind of reminds me of circus music (but not heavily drowned in it).  I like that the song is different from Kaya and while I do feel that it is a bit short and doesn’t leave as much of a mark as SALOME did, it was REALLY unique.

4. Epilogue -Babylonia-

As the ending of the single Babylonia pulls us back into that dark and creepy atmosphere but does it so much more stronger than “La pleine lune”.  Same stuff with the electronic quips and filtered lyrics.  Then it slowly builds to this synth breakdown as a final touch.



Kaya’s single is just SOOO much more amazing than “Vampire Requiem” was…a total 180.  I mean switching from rock/trance hybrid into what Kaya is known for OH-SO-WELL is great and should’ve been the follow-up after “QUEEN”.  SALOME is strong as hell and energizes them quickly while Babylon (while a hard song to get into because of how unique it is) is a nice touch to the single.  As for the intro/outro it suits the single, but still is strange to see such a thing for a SINGLE!  Love to see what he releases next!


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