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Kou Shibasaki – ANOTHER:WORLD July 2, 2012

Filed under: Kou Shibasaki — solarblade @ 5:42 am

Track Listing

  2. Adrasteia no Teikou
  3. ANOTHER:WORLD -ANOTHER:FUTURE Remix- (Regular only)
  4. ANOTHER:WORLD -Instrumental-


That intro to ANOTHER:WORLD really was something else.  It actually kind of reminds me of school food punishment for some reason.  The track finds ourselves with Kou taking more of a pop/rock/experimentive sound and I quite like the sound of it.  Maybe a little anime-esque for color which is pretty awesome but otherwise it’s a solid song from her.

2. Adrasteia no Teikou

Interesting title for our B-side and funny enough carries the same feelings that I had for the lead track.  I mean it has the same stuff going on but with piano being in the front and not so much the guitars and stuff.  I don’t find it very much different sadly, but it kind of works as the coupling.


Well it seems like there’s an actual remix on the single and definitely true to it’s nature, it changes ANOTHER:WORLD to a more electro-heavy track and I kind of like the sound of it.  It’s very buzzy and the beats are nice and heavy.  I wasn’t a big fan of the copy and pasting technique that are going on, but this remix is fun and took the song to a better level.



While ANOTHER:WORLD as a whole didn’t impress me as much as “Strength.” did, it is a good single.  Both the lead track and Adrasteia no Teikou were a bit similar to one another but they were nice and upbeat and different which I love about Kou’s music and the remix kind of broke the monotony the single had.  Hope her next single is ass kickin!!!


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