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Morning Musume – One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show July 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. One・Two・Three
  2. The Matenrou Show
  3. Watashi no Jidai! (Limited A & B only)
  4. Aisaretai no ni… (Limited C & D only)
  5. Seishundo Mannaka (Limited E & F only)
  6. One・Two・Three (Instrumental)
  7. The Matenrou Show (Instrumental)

1. One・Two・Three

Well what’s there to say about Momusu’s lead A-side that hasn’t been said already from various bloggers round the web?  I like that it was very K-pop friendly to the ears and there’s a good meaning behind basically (don’t bother giving me material things for my affection, just act the way you are).  Now I wasn’t all too impressed by the group’s line distribution, which relegated to just Reina and Riho for the most part while most of the members had short lines (some like Kanon, Haruka, Haruna, and Erina got shafted to just background and one syllable lines.  Add that the song was drenched in auto-tune and you end up with this but I’m not disappointed because this song is really good and prolly the best since the 10th Gen joined.

2. The Matenrou Show

The other A-side (which currently still is unknown if it’ll get a true PV) is unfortunately not as well received like the other A-side.  The good thing is that the auto-tune leaves the building and such.  Then it turns out this is even MORE of a Reina/Riho assault with little input from the other members.  Add in that this song sounds like “Shining Power”, “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”, and “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!” all mashed together and ended up with this and I wasn’t too thrilled with that.  Prolly my least favorite of the A-sides in this era, (Yeah, “Pyocopyoco Ultra” did grow on me).

3. Watashi no Jidai!

The rest of the single splits into three so two singles have a different tracklist.  The first song is sung by the remaining Rokkies in Reina and Sayu and they kind of got a sung that’s quick-paced and synth based.  Now Sayu isn’t auto-tuned which is an interesting decision on Tsunku’s part.  She still can’t really sing but she sings nicely behind Reina’s vocals giving a nice melodic tone.  It sounds like it could be a Petitmoni song for some reason but I liked it for some reason…fast and fun to hear.

4. Aisaretai no ni…

Then we get into Aisaretai no ni… which is sung by the Kyuukies: Kanon, Erina, Riho, and Mizuki.  For all the fans that have been thinking the new girls weren’t getting enough attention, here’s your chance to hear them altogether.  I have to say I really like them all in this song and oddly enough I hear a LOT of Kanon in this song (even moreso than Riho).  As for the song it’s designed as a cool song for the quartet and it works…doesn’t come off as powerful like “Ren’ai Hunter” but it’s memorable!

5. Seishundo Mannaka

Then we hit the Jyuukie: Haruna, Ayumi, Masaki, and Haruka’s song with Seishundo Mannaka which fits to the theme of youthful and it does come off that way.  It’s almost like “Ganbacchae!” meets “HEY! Mirai” but that’s kind of good because Ayumi and Masaki fit this sooooo well.  Haruna is clearly the weak link of Momosu but I’m sure she’ll pick up soon.  As for Haruka?  Her husky voice doesn’t seem to really fit for some reason and sounds a bit like S/mileage’s Akari Takeuchi’s vocals.  Overall it’s pretty nice and summery and I liked that…



Here we are at Momosu’s 50th single and last for the “13 Coloful Character” era.  One Two Three /The Matenrou Show does have a lot (actually the most of the Momusu singles out there) but they seem to wane a little on the single.  One Two Three, Seishundo Mannaka, and Aisaretai no ni… were the good songs.  The lead A-side was powerful and dramatic and just overall really cool!  Seishundo Mannaka is really the first time we get to hear the Jyuukies totally rule lines and it was a good tune.  Same for Aisaretai no ni…but I loved the arrangement a lot…(plus a lot of Kanon!).  Watashi no Jidai! is OK and I do like the arrangement…but Sayu/Reina doesn’t excite me much.  The Matenrou Show is just kind of there…it’s just too similar to other songs in the past where I just kind of forget it…I guess they’re doing well for themselves without Gaki and Aika.