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BONNIE PINK – Machi no Namae July 9, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Machi no Namae
  2. My Ever Changing Moods
  3. Nagareboshi
  4. Machi no Namae (Instrumental)

1. Machi no Namae

After the dramatic “Tsumetai Ame”. Machi no Namae is a more light and relaxed fare which is a nice change since it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a lead song that’s slower but not a ballad.  Kaori’s vocals sound really pleasant with the music even though it’s not the most intriguing arrangement she’s done.  I think this suits her though and makes for a nice A-side.

2. My Ever Changing Moods

This chilled out style follows her into her first B-side which is a cover of a Paul Weller track.  Thing is is that it’s a song sung in all English which sounds intriguing but the fact of the matter is is that half of the time, I didn’t even understand some of the things she was saying…off and on almost.  Also I found myself disliking the echo effect on Kaori because it made it even harder to understand the lyrics.  At least her vocals sound strong…just wish it was handled better.

3. Nagareboshi

The last track on the single, Nagareboshi, isn’t as laidback as “My Ever Changing Moods” but is about at the same pace as “Machi no Namae” but this song has a little more going on like strings and some guitars.  It’s got a unique arrangement at the least, but at the same time…it’s kind of boring.  THEEEEEN I find out that this is the same song from “Dear Diary” and I can’t seem to figure out why it’s found its way on this single…



Closing the “Chasing Hope”, Machi no Namae is kind of a disappointing single when compared to “Tsumetai Ame”.  I’m not sure but this single was a little too laidback for me to enjoy and she usually has something a bit more upbeat on her singles.  I think I could grow to somewhat to enjoy Machi no Namae.  However when it comes to Nagareboshi, it was too meh for me and the fact it’s a recut of a song that I didn’t really like anyways made it more ugh.  Last but not least, MyEver Changing Moods was just unusual to me in many ways lol.  I hope “Chasing Hope” will be more exciting than this!!!


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