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chatmonchy – Kirakira Hikare July 9, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kirakira Hikare
  2. Karisou Method

1. Kirakira Hikare

chatmonchy has been really shoveling these A-sides out haven’t they?  Now I’m not their biggest fan of theirs but they’ve been doing quite good since becoming a duo for some odd reason lol.  Produced by Ajikan member Gotou, Kirakira Hikare is pretty rockin and all but did a lot of it have to be yelled by Eriko?  I mean she kind of makes me squint when the chorus is around.  The other parts are nice though and for being under 4 minutes it’s not bad…just got parts that were off like “Mangetsu ni Hoero”.

2. Karisou Method

Their B-side though is something else but in a good way for some reason.  I mean the guitar riffs have more oomph and Eriko sounds really strong.  I will say, I wasn’t expecting a male vocalist to be in the track too (Goto perhaps?).  I like that line of ~ra ra ra ra ra lu ra la~ that melody is kind of cool and catchy.  It’s different in a good way actually!



Like I said, chatmonchy has been feveriously releasing singles in 2012 and Kirakira Hikare might be the best of the four so far.  I think Kirakira Hikar as a song, is alright but the usual Eriko problems are here but they aren’t a red flag to the song (plus the PV was funny to me hahaha).  Karisou Method on the other hand was better and the collaboration of the guy vocalist helped and made the song more playful. Is there an album next for the band?


One Response to “chatmonchy – Kirakira Hikare”

  1. elinpike Says:

    yes,it’s Goto as male vocal in Kariso Method. somehow it’s better than the a-sides. lol

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