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SUPER☆GIRLS – Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss July 9, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss
  2. Minamikaze Payapaya
  3. Asu e STEP! (Song by iDOL Street All Members)
  4. Hatsukoi Graffiti (Yasuka Saori Special Solo Version) (Yasuka Saori edition only)
  5. Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss (Instrumental)
  6. Minamikaze Payapaya (Instrumental)
  7. Asu e STEP! (Song by iDOL Street All Members) (Instrumental)

1. Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss

I guess we have another summer A-side to deal with.  Of course like most summer songs from idol there’s a clear summer sound to it which might bore people at this point of the year but it’s kind of refreshing but sounds like your typical song which is a bit disappointing as well.  I don’t even find anything remotely memorable about the song and falls off.

2. Minamikaze Payapaya

The B-side is just as beach-vibed as “Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss” but has solo lines and the song has more of an AKB feel to it as well which left me in confusion because this doesn’t sound as fun as “MAX! Otomegokoro”.  The things I do notice is the girls saying ~payapayapaya~ over and over again during the verses but otherwise, this was pretty forgetful too.  Luckily it was short so it didn’t get annoying…

3. Asu e STEP! (Song by iDOL Street All Members)

So I don’t know what’s the full deal of iDOL Street (to me they’re trainees that aren’t in either SUPER GIRLS or Cheeky Parade).  Asu e STEP! doesn’t sound all summery like the previous tracks which is good and that the members get lines despite not knowing who’s who in this rather big group.  Not bad, not bad.

4. Hatsukoi Grafitti (Yasuka Saori Special Solo Version)

It’s weird to see one of the members from the group get a solo…and in this case it’s Saori.  She sings her own version of Hatsukoi Graffiti (which was originally a B-side from their first single, “Ganbatte Seishun”).  I guess as she’s the leader, it makes sense she’d be the one to get it.  I kind of like it even though it isn’t as filled out like the original version.   



So we are at their 2nd single for the era and I’m quite disappointed here for the most part.  Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss and Minamikaze Payapaya are a little too bland and typical for me even though the latter is kind of pleasant sometimes.  I just couldn’t get into their summer song this time around.  Asu e STEP! on the other hand is nice though and it’s not even a SUPER☆GIRLS track lol and Saori’s solo isn’t bad actually XD.  Hope they step it up on their next single.


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