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Eiko Shimamiya – Onkalo July 14, 2012

Filed under: Eiko Shimamiya — solarblade @ 3:39 am

Track Listing

  1. Onkalo
  2. Unison
  3. Onkalo (Instrumental ver.)

1. Onkalo

I was wondering what Eiko would release returning to the music scene and all and Onkalo is quite like the stuff I’m used to from her.  She sounds really pretty in the song and with the arrangement being tame and atmospheric.  I like the horns in the song…kind of gives off this medieval-like feel as well.  Nice tune to hear from Eiko.

2. Unison

The B-side of the single is luckily not a choral version of “Onkalo”.  It’s more of a ballad though since it really is only piano and drums.  I’d think she’d do something a little more to make it opposite to the A-side but this song is kind of a bit of a bore.  It kind of reminds me of some 80’s track with the chords and sounds. 



It’s been quite a long time since we’ve heard Eiko last (well not too long if you’re a big Eiko fan or I’ve Sound fan).  She did produce “5TEARS” but that wasn’t enough.  Onkalo was a pleasamt return to music, but at the same time it felt a little forgetful when compared to her other singles.  It’s a nice ballad but I don’t know.  Unison though was a bit strange but boring as well.  I don’t know…I hope her next single will be much better.


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