Kurayami Monogatari

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Track Listing

  2. Urban Sweet
  3. Koi no HEAT WAVE
  5. Urban Sweet (OFF VOCAL)


Getting into RIMFIRE, I wasn’t expecting KISHOW to come right out of the gate and powerfully shouting in the introduction.  I’m surprised at how much emotion KISHOW is showing through the song and I’m kind of loving it altogether.  As for the song, RIMFIRE is somehing else though because it’s so aggressive and just is in your face the entire time!  Definitely my favorite A-side of the era.

2. Urban Sweet

The first B-side of the single, Urban Sweet does tone things down slightly and kind of puts KISHOW into this funky rock’n’roll song that I respect because it’s quite down to its roots.  I hear some English but it’s accented so it’s barely understandable.  Still if you don’t like the wild nature of “RIMFIRE”, this might be more of your song.

3. Koi no HEAT WAVE

Makes sense that the duo would have a summer song of sorts with Koi no HEAT WAVE which definitely caters to their fans that love their fun tracks.  It’s a little strange for me because I’m not used to their experimental rock songs like this surfer’s track.  It kind of feels like it was suited more for BREAKERZ than GRANRODEO but I thought this was fun and unique.



I definitely found myself enjoying GRANRODEO’s 3rd and final single for their 5th album.  RIMFIRE was explosive and wild for an A-side and left the biggest mark over “Can Do” and “Ai no Warrior”.  Even the B-sides stuck out in a good way.  Urban Sweet is more of what they’ve been sounding like which is more good stuff and Koi no HEAT WAVE is a good, yet odd song from the duo.  This is a strong single over and earns a *RECOMMENDED*


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