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ikimono-gakari – Kaze ga Fuiteiru July 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kaze ga Fuiteiru
  2. Kaze ga Fuiteiru -instrumental-

1. Kaze ga Fuiteiru

I didn’t expect ikimono to get all grand and mighty with Kaze ga Fuiteiru which is over 7 and a half minutes long.  It starts with Kiyoe alone before the song actually opens up a bit more broadly.  I felt like when the guitars enter, I thought it was going to anthemic in style but seriously it feels like most of the A-sides from “Hajimari no Uta” as in it’s the typical ikimono mid-tempo song.  Add that it was longer than it should’ve been and you get a pretty boring and plain track (but I’m sure it’ll sell like hell on ORICON.



Honestly, I’m kind of tired of hearing ikimono-gakari doing these one-song singles because they could easily put a B-side on to cover up how bland Kaze ga Fuiteiru really is.  I mean I’m used to these songs back two eras ago but this is just tiring and making as long as it was was adding salt to the wound.  Yeah, it’s easy to say I just don’t like the song…


One Response to “ikimono-gakari – Kaze ga Fuiteiru”

  1. I'mme Says:

    at first I thought ikimono gakari doing a cover of akb song.. hence the title.

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