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IU – You & I (Japanese Version) July 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. You & I (Japanese Version)
  2. Shounen Jidai
  3. You & I (Japanese Version) [FPM TECHNORCHESTRA MIX] (Limited A only)
  4. You & I (Instrumental)

1. You & I (Japanese Version)

Another Korean turned into Japanese track huh?  I have to say for what I got from “Good day”, You & I is a lot more interesting and brings out IU’s colors a lot more her and I found that to be great.  It’s a bit more K-pop vibed but the use of strings pulled me into it quite nicely and she’s taking more risks with her voice here.  I really enjoyed the song and the dramatics worked better!

2. Shounen Jidai

I was really surprised that IU would actually make the B-side an actual cover of a Yosui Inoue song.  As such, the tune is a lot lighter (but then again, it is a ballad lol).  It’s a simple song with just acoustic guitar, piano, and strings and IU’s light vocals and I kind of liked it here despite the music not really entrancing me.  It sounds heartful though and she gave a solid performance here.

3. You & I (Japanese Version) [FPM ELECTRORCHESTA MIX]

The final track is something new to IU in Japan and that’s a remix from Tomoyuki Tanaka aka FPM.  The song is given a cool touch of electronica and added a bit of a fluttery arrangement with the strings here and I kind of really liked this remix.  Definitely suited the lyrics nicely and just impressed me.



IU’s second single in Japan, You & I did a lot better as a release than “Good day” did since all three tracks are quite nice tunes.  You & I sticks out a lot more than her last A-side because of the stronger arrangement and overall better performance.  Shounen Jidai is a worthy cover but it’s a bit typical of a ballad (you know, the usual suspects of one).  I will say check out the remix of You & I because it sounds REALLY pretty!


One Response to “IU – You & I (Japanese Version)”

  1. That is my favorite song from her Last Fantasy album (as a Korean track).
    I haven’t heard the Japanese, but I will say that it will be as catchy as hell for me like the Korean one 😀
    I hope she now releases new songs from now on (unless she wants to release her latest Korean single or Last Fantasy song D: )

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