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Up Up Girls – Barebare I LOVE YOU July 18, 2012

Filed under: Up Up Girls — solarblade @ 9:12 am

Track Listing

  1. Barebare I LOVE YOU
  2. Rainbow
  3. Barebare I LOVE YOU (instrumental)
  4. Rainbow (instrumental)

1. Barebare I LOVE YOU

Good lord at the opening lyrics ~barebare I love you, sokubare want you~ being repeated and building on group of ladies each time it’s sung.  It’s a lot more lively and upbeat than “Going my ↑” but it sounds rather good in the sense there’s a lot more action and catchiness to be found here.  All the girls do get solo lines but most of them actually come from Azusa which is quite surprising but she sounds GREAT!  Definitely a step up from them!

2. Rainbow

It’s nice they changed up their sound to a little more synthy with Rainbow!  The song is definitely meant for crowds since it does have that punch and fun atmosphere.  Once again all the girls get solos with prominance of Azusa and Minami which is nice.  I like the song but I feel like I enjoyed “Barebare I LOVE YOU” tons more.



For their second single, Barebare I LOVE YOU is a much stronger single than their debut single in a lot of ways.  First both tracks are originals and tehy both are fun, energetic, and has stronger vocals throughout.  With their third single coming out next week, I can only wonder what’s in store with “Uppercut!/Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow”!


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