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ALTIMA – Burst The Gravity July 23, 2012

Filed under: ALTIMA — solarblade @ 8:15 am

Track Listing

  1. Burst The Gravity
  3. Burst The Gravity -instrumental-
  4. CYBER CYBER -instrumental-

1. Burst The Gravity

I’m starting to wonder why ALTIMA hasn’t strived for something different in styles of music because I’m starting to feel as if Burst The Gravity isn’t nothing different from “I’ll believe” and “ONE” since they have that anison/trance style going again.  I do feel like this is better because I can remember the song a lot better than “ONE”.  I still kind of wonder if their first album (whenever that comes out) will be too monotonous for me at this point).  At least Maon still sounds great and motsu’s rap is still fiery.


At least I can say I was pretty surprised with CYBER CYBER since it was more motsu’s deal than Maon’s.  Of course I’m used to motsu’s raps but I’m just surprised he was leading the track.  Maon is present but her voice is heavily filtered at first, but once she comes in on her slow parts, she sounds pretty hitting those incredibly high notes.  It’s energetic and is gonna be a fun song to hear live…but can someone tell me why the song ended with a sneeze?!?



ALTIMA’s 3rd single and I’m just not into their same-sounding material as much anymore.  I mean these two songs are kind of carbon clones (not so much CYBER CYBER because it is a motsu-heavy song) but sat’s arranging skills are getting tiring (like fripSide’s stuff).  I hope the next release (be it an album or another single) be less bland.


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