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Annabel – Signal Graph July 23, 2012

Filed under: Annabel — solarblade @ 7:48 am

Track Listing

  1. Signal Graph
  3. Signal Graph (inst.)
  4. STEP AHEAD (inst.)

1. Signal Graph

I’m happy that Annabel changed up her sound for Signal Graph which is nice that’s it’s upbeat and features a lot of synths.  Her voice sounds happy alongside the interesting arrangement which features said synths, a little guitar, and piano.  It’s not as powerful as like “Above your hand” but the overall change of sound is very welcomed!


I guess it works enough that the B-side has a lot of synths as well and makes me of an impact because it has more guitars and a heavier beat to go along.  While I don’t know if Annabel’s fit the style, but I like her light vocals against the music.  It’s pretty good but I think Annabel didn’t get powerful for this track.



I like that she changed her sound with this single.  Instead of the normal anison song she switched and went into more of a synth-heavy anison track and for the most part stood out to me than her previous singles.  Overall, I did enjoy Signal Graph a bit better but STEP AHEAD was good too.


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