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eufonius – Paradigm July 23, 2012

Filed under: eufonius — solarblade @ 7:30 am

Track Listing

  1. Paradigm
  2. future indications
  3. Paradigm (instrumental ver.)
  4. future indications (instrumental ver.)

1. Paradigm

I’ve been having a hard time solidifying my enjoyment for eufonius’ music because it seems their singles work but their albums don’t  I think Paradigm is a pleasant tune to listen to and it kind of flows by just as much.  riya’s vocals are light and fluffy and has a good amount emotion behind this happy-go-lucky anison song. 

2. future indications

As for their B-side it kind of reminds me of their sound from “bezel” because it’s got this interesting arrangement and sounds a little more unique than “Paradigm”.  I will say there are problems in the meshing of riya’s voice and the background vocals…they just don’t harmonize very well.  At least the song is a bit more memorable than the A-side.



I do think Paradigm as a single did better than “Prism Sign” did but that’s because future indications was a pretty good song from them overall.  Paradigm is good too but it’s more of the same from the duo which is no surprise.  Just a small step in the right direction basically.


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